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Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed How to Complete All Optional Mission Objectives. ► The Optional Mandate – Complete All Optional Mission Objectives

[00:00] 1/28 Furon Loathing In Bay City
Use PK to kill KGB agaents
Use the Disclocator to destroy KGB cars

[01:40] 2/28 Where Have All The Flower Children Gone
Use Free Love to start a Party
Kill KGB agents with their own grenades

[02:10] 3/28 They Shoot Hippies, Don’t They
Collect Repair Pods as a soldier
Destroy Revelade deposits

[04:14] 4/28 The Alien Who Probed Me
Use explosive to destroy the trucks
Kill soldiers with their own rockets
Dodge Bongwater’s shot

[05:12] 5/28 Who Is Arkvoodle
Use PK Slam to kill cops

[05:30] 6/28 The Guns of Alcatraz
Don’t touch the water
Kill the fleeing agent with an explosive
Use Repulse-O-Tron to deflect missiles

[07:27] 7/28 No Pox Please – We’re British
Use chemical barrels to kill KGB agents
Critical hit Oranchov using Anal Probe
Use the Anal Probe to kill KGB agents

[09:05] 8/28 La Femme Natalya
Do not get reported
Use the Anal Probe to cleanse mutants
Kill all mutants

[15:18] 9/28 From Russia With Guns
Kill KGB agents
Kill M16 agents
Use Anti-Grav to cause destruction

[20:20] 10/28 The Majestic File
Kill humans affected by Mindflash
Dodge Ponsoby’s shot

[20:58] 11/28 On Natalya’s Secret Service
Break the security cameras with overload
Destroy the Revelade deposits
Meteor Strike several KGB agents at once

[24:00] 12/28 Takoshima Story
Perform a clean snatch on a KGB agent
Hit gongs with KGB agents

[25:40] 13/28 Revenge of the Ninja
Listen to the Radio as the right human
Collect plants samples for Pox
Kill 4 Ninja with Ion Detonator shot

[32:46] 14/28 Dr. Go
Kill a KGB agent with a Ninja
Kill a Ninja with a KGB agent
Use Sonic Boom to destroy mech soldiers

[34:34] 15/28 Our Man Crypto
Take no damage from Teleport Strike
Find additional secret documents
Kill Sascha in front of Dr. Go

[38:25] 16/28 You only Live 137 Times
Use grenades to kill enemies
Use the Gastro Gun to kill enemies
Kill KGB agents on the way out

[40:31] 17/28 Kojira Kaiju Battle
Avoid critical overcharge level
Hit Kojira’s belly with Ion Detonator

[44:00] 18/28 Back in the Ussr
Kill civilians with radioactive barrels
Use Extract Brian on Natalya’s attackers

[46:18] 19/28 The Sigerian Job
Destroy transport vehicles
Destroy a tank with a tank

[50:13] 20/28 A Deadly Reaction
Kill humans with radioactivity
Kill the human attackers
Zap-O-Matic the Blisk’s Shields

[52:36] 21/28 The Comrade Who Came in From the Cold
Use Gastro to kill attackers
Use chemicals to kill humans

[53:58] 22/28 A Hard Day’s Fight
Use the Zap-O to destroy the shield
Kill Mutants
Use QD on Blisk towers

[57:50] 23/28 The Good, The Bad, and The Furon
Talk to Dr. Orlov
Destroy humans

[01:01:17] 24/28 1969: A Space Odyssey
Destroy the moon rovers in the mines
Destroy the gun turrets

[01:04:11] 25/28 Russian Roulette
Do not get detected
Kill a human with Leonid’s body
Kill a Blisk with Leonid’s body

[01:11:35] 26/28 Space: 1969
Destroy multiple solar panels at once
Use Ion Detonator to kill power Suits
Use only the master console

[01:13:39] 27/28 Destination Moon
Use the Dislocator to kill attackers
Use AntiGrav to kill the Power Suits

[01:17:11] 28/28 Dark Side of the Moon
Throw cosmonauts into the acid
Blow up cosmonauts with Blisk grenades
Prevent Milenkov from fully regenerating

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