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Baldr, the Norse god of light and purity, is lost to Niflheim. Odin, mad with grief, refuses to accept that his son lies in the misty realm of the dead. Defying fate, the All-Father plunges into the depths of Niflheim to push through the hostile lands, but Niflheim is a realm of the dead, and the living are not welcome.

This free game mode is inspired by the rogue-lite genre and presents players with a new challenge as enemies are relentless and every choice counts.

Sacrificial Victory – Defeat Hel with the Draugr’s Toll Outfit equipped (The Forgotten Saga)
The Draugr’s Toll outfit is found in Nidheim (3rd Area). You equip it back at Odin’s Camp. Hel is the Final Boss. Video guide below on How to Get the Draugr’s Toll Outfit

Freedom Fighter – Reunite the dead within Kaldstad, Døkkerland, and Nidheim (The Forgotten Saga)
You need to complete 3 Questline within Kaldstad, Døkkerland and Nidheim.
1/3 The Wholesome Warrior Quest (Skjaldmaer Questline)
2/3 Dark Dealings Quest (Dani the Dead One Questline)
3/3 Shifting Loyalties Quest (Brodir Questline)
Video guide below on How to complete All 3 Quests

Pure of Heart – Defeat Nidhogg without using an Elk Shrine (The Forgotten Saga)
Nidhogg is the 3rd Boss and Elk Shrines will refill your health. I recommend picking up the Dwarven Defender Outfit since it has a couple of perks to refill your health. Use Nar’s Favors to keep your Favorite Weapon and Ability from your last run. Video guide below on How to Get the Dwarven Defender Outfit and my Pure of Heart run.

Crossing Dókkerland – Complete all encounters in Dókkerland (The Forgotten Saga)
Dokkerland is the 2nd area. You will need to complete Dark Dealings Quest which is part of the Freedom Fighter Trophy. This quest will unlock the Rope Lines so that you can get to a Hidden Encounter by the 2nd Hidden Merchant. You don’t need to complete all the encounters in one run. Keep in mind for this area the Helfire will drain your health if you stay in the area for too long.

High Kick – Knock 10 enemies off of ledges using the Kick of Tyr Ability (The Forgotten Saga)
Kick of Tyr is an ability you can start with, buy it from a merchant, or obtain from an ability encounter

Royal Treatment – Find Hel’s Majordomo (The Forgotten Saga)
Hel’s Majordomo is at the end of the 4th area. He is the 4th Hidden Merchant. You’ll teleport there before the final boss.

A Favored Customer – Buy all of Nar’s Favors at least once (The Forgotten Saga)
Nar is at Odin’s Camp. He will sell you 8 favors. It will cost you 30 Thoughts and 550 Memories.

The Queen’s Fall – Defeat Hel, ruler of Niflheim (The Forgotten Saga)
Hel is the final boss in the 4th area.

Returning to the Roots – Return to Odin’s Camp for the first time (The Forgotten Saga)
After you die the first time, you will unlock it.

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