Biomutant All Mount Locations (Gnoat, Gullblimp, Batnam-nam, Pee-Wee Gargantua)

All Mount Locations in Biomutant. This walkthrough will show you the location to all the Mounts in Biomutant. You can find these from Trade Dealers, Side Quests, Main Missions, and out in the Open World.

Biomutant All Mount Locations
[00:00] Biomutant All Mount Locations
[00:10] 1/19 Puki Azure Gnoat
[01:11] 2/19 PutiGnoat (The Meat Eater Quest)
[01:50] 3/19 Old Pea Gnoat (Buy from Murkadorpus Outpost)
[02:44] 4/19 Mekton (Story Related from Gizmo)
[03:15] 5/19 Snickels (Buy from Ankati Fortress)
[03:52] 6/19 Surfipelago Gnoat
[04:29] 7/19 Old Amber Gnoat (Buy from Vespidut Outpost)
[05:06] 8/19 Googlide (Story Related from Goop)
[05:33] 9/19 Pee-Wee Gargantua (Side Quest from Gill)
[07:07] 10/19 Old Scarlet Gnoat (Buy from Quirkquarp Outpost)
[07:46] 11/19 Mubi (Buy from Netra Fortress)
[08:23] 12/19 Mekamjut (Story Related from Noko)
[10:06] 13/19 Mjut (Story Related from Noko)
[10:36] 14/19 Batnam-nam (Pebble’s Side Quest called Zipline Tests. First Complete Climbspot Tests)
[14:46] 15/19 Miff Gnoat
[15:29] 16/19 Abo Gnoat
[16:05] 17/19 Mekafingro (Story Related from Whiz)
[18:03] 18/19 Pumb Gnoat
[18:34] 19/19 Gullblimp (Lobo’s Side Quest)


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