Biomutant All Weapon Locations (Biomutant Ultimate Melee & Ultimate Ranged)

All Weapon Locations in Biomutant All Ultimate Weapon Locations Melee & Ranged.

[00:00] Biomutant All Weapon Locations
[00:10] 1/25 Blaze Gloves Location – Boom Side Quest (Ultimate Melee Weapon)
[03:22] 2/25 Lump Pinhandle Rolling Pin Location – Lump Side Quest (Ultimate Melee Weapon)
[06:20] 3/25 Pri Murgel Sword Location – Old World Gadget / Riddleroom (Ultimate Melee Weapon)
[09:18] 4/25 Hyprozapper Ozarhypro Location – Defeat Emergent Bulgtusk / Old World Vault (Ultimate Ranged Weapon)
[10:34] 5/25 Sparkatron Hypicskromp Location – Defeat Schacky TrunkGnut / Old World Vault (Ultimate Ranged Weapon)
[12:09] 6/25 Scatterskrek Lukspewbor Location – Klick Side Quest (Need Skeleton Key for Bangshelter 5D)
[17:54] 7/25 Carrothandle Infected Carrot Location – Chubsa The Tortler Side Quest (Ultimate Melee Weapon)
[21:10] 8/25 Knok Umph Location – Defeat Sparky Twigsnout / Old World Vault (Ultimate Melee Weapon)
[22:24] 9/25 Contagion Flurpskruckis Location – Defeat Farty Bulbaplod / Old World Vault (Ultimate Ranged Weapon)
[23:50] 10/25 Yrkum Pikeaxe Location – Defeat Greasy Polliconey / Old World Vault (Ultimate Melee Weapon)
[25:06] 11/25 Srik Gongmace Location – Defeat Chug Swollwaft / Old World Vault (Ultimate Melee Weapon)

Please Note!!! The Rest are Story Related. Tribe Leaders need to to be Defeated or Subdue
[26:45] 12/25 Old World Klonkfist Location (The Tribe War Begins SR)
[27:24] 13/25 Extermino Frugrapster Location
14/25 Myriad Boomerang (The Tribe War Begins SR)
[29:20] 15/25 Bangbitsky Jupspitko Location
16/25 Hoover Grooblade Location (The Sqvip Grotto SR Gizmo)
[32:22] 17/25 Jagni Tribe Staff (The Jagni Tribe SR)
[32:54] 18/25 Bulletspinno Pjupejector Location
19/25 Sprinkler Smicksharper Location (Gumquacks SR Gulp)
[37:10] 20/25 Netra Tribe Grabbler (The Netra Tribe SR)
[37:40] 21/25 Ankati Bow (The Ankati Tribe SR)
[38:08] 22/25 Feels Bigblade (Lupa-Lupin’s Lair SR)
[39:05] 23/25 Lotus Shuriken (The Lotus Tribe SR)
[39:34] 24/25 Pichu Tribe Nanchuk (The Pichu Tribe SR)
[40:08] 25/25 Grease-Sprinkler Location (Chu-Chu Quest SR Whiz)


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