Biomutant Trophy Guide

Biomutant Trophy / Achievement Guide

A plague is ruining the land and the Tree-of-Life is bleeding death from its roots. The Tribes stand divided, in need of someone strong enough to unite them or bring them all down… Welcome to Biomutant

Biomutant Platinum – Unlock every Trophy in Biomutant

The Adventure Begins – Escape Bunker 101 – Story Related

Twinkle Twinkle – Discover a Twinkle Crashsite

Under the Table – Win a Drinking Competition against Gulp

Wung-fu Master – Defeat 50 Enemies using Super Wushu

You need to unlock the Special Attacks for your weapons first then use your Special Attacks to fill up 3 charges. After the 3 charges are filled, then you can activate the Super Wung-Fu by pressing L1 & R1 together.

Old World Gadgets – Discover all 15 Old World Gadgets

Thugs – Defeat 25 Bandits

Tar-up – Drown 5 Enemies in Oil during Combat

The left side of the map has an area called the Deadzone. Perfect spot to knock 5 enemies into the Oil. Use the Klonkfist by charging the attack. This will knock the enemies back a couple of feet.

Specialized – Reach Level 25 with any Character Class

Kneel – Discover all 30 Altars


Pew Pew! – Unlock all Gun Proficiency Skills

Hack ‘n Slash – Unlock all Melee Weapon Proficiency Skills

DNA Overload – Re-code your DNA at a Cooling Tower Biopool

Max Gains – Upgrade any 2 Attributes to 100

Electrified – Defeat 20 Enemies using the Ki-Spark Ability

To unlock the Ki-Spark Ability will require 30 Light Aura and 16 PSI Points.

Stick it to Them – Stick 25 Enemies to the Mucus Bubble

To unlock the Mucus Bubble will require 12 Bio-Points.

Sproing! – Bounce 50 times on a Fungus

To unlock the Fungus will require 4 Bio-Points.

Nautica – Ride the Googlide across all Water Resistance Levels

Heavy Metal – Survive 5 minutes in the Mekton while the Deadzone

Rodeo – Ride a Gnaut 500 meters

Toytinkerer – Unlock all Automaton Upgrades

In the Green – Possess more than 1000 Greenleaf

Elementary – Obtain 10 of each Crafting Resource

Zoo-do – Capture 20 Sqvips

Quack – Capture 20 Gumducks

Bugologist – Capture 20 Glittermoths

Flap-flap – Capture 20 Pippis

Angler – Capture 20 Guppos

Bagman – Buy an item from Honki

Adventurer – Discover all 7 Environment Biomes

Mushumosh Mire
Kluppy Dunes

Eye on the Road – Discover and enter 3 Manholes

Paragon – Defeat All four World Eaters

That’s Mine – Detonate 3 Bangballs on the Porky Puff

Snack-time – Feed the Jumbo Puff World Eater 6 Sqvips

Mariner – Feed the Murk Puff 10 Guppos

Gumshow – Pull all Teeth from the Hoof Puff

The Dragon – Defeat or Subdue all five Rival Tribe Leaders

After the 2nd Rival Fort Takedown. You will get an option to pick “Happy to end Early” and this choice will unlock it. WARNING won’t get Tribe Weapons

Conquest – Take Over 6 Tribe Outposts – Story Related

Show-off – Defeat Enemies using 3 Different Tribe Weapons

Conscious – Complete all 20 Conscience Dialogues

Trek – Discover all 6 Tribe Forts – Story Related

Starstruck – Craft a 7-star Weapon

Hammertime – Find and Equip 5 Different Mekton Upgrades

Riding the Wave – Find and Equip 5 Different Googlide Upgrades

Knockout! – Deal more than 1000 Damage in a Single Hit

Social – Discover all 16 Side Characters

End of the Rainbow – Find out what’s at the End of a Rainbow

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