Cyberpunk 2077 Judy Romance Guide – How To Romance Judy

Cyberpunk 2077 Judy Romance Guide – How To Romance Judy

[00:00] How To Romance Judy in Cyberpunk 2077
[00:16] Both Sides, Now: Just support her options doesn’t matter
[00:33] 2nd Mission when she calls you
1. Yeah, I’ll Help.
[00:41] Ex-Factor: During this mission when your talk to Malko DO NOT PICK “This is a Waste of time. Everything else should be ok.
At the end, I recommend killing Woodman because he deserves it.
2. We kill the motherfucker
[01:25] 3rd Mission when she calls you
3. I’ll be there.
[01:32] Talkin Bout A Revolution: Inside Judy’s Apartment
4. So what’s the plan?
5. [Stand] Not bad.
6. I’m all outta questions.
7. You can count on me.
8. Out of the question.
9. Forget about it. It’s passed.
10. [Lean] Sure, thanks.
[03:34] Pisces: At the Meeting with Malko
11. Let’s do this.
12. Do my best. Jack em out.
13. Hold on. Think you’ve gone too far.
14. [Draw weapon] Let’s cut to the quick.
15. What?
16. You tried to cheat us all.
17. I’m sorry.
[07:40] 5th Mission when she calls you
18. Been thinkin about you.
19. Ask to your heart’s content.
20. Count me in.
21. OK… is this a date?
[09:08] Pyramid Song: Before Diving
22. [Stand] Hell yeah. I’m in!
[09:34] Pyramid Song: 4 clues near the diner
[11:01] Pyramid Song: 3 clues near the gas station
[12:35] Pyramid Song: Out of the Water
23. That’s Johnny Silverhand’s construct.
24. Remember the Relic we stole?
25. Got a plan. Sort of.
26. [Stand] Why not.
[14:11] Pyramid Song: Inside the Cottage after starting the generator
27. [Knock] Did you say something?
28. [Sit] We’re still synced.
29. [Touch] It is ours.
[17:28] How to Start a Relationship with Judy
30. The beginning of something amazing.
31. Why did you wanna leave?
32. I don’t know what to say…

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