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Cyberpunk 2077 Panam Romance Guide – How To Romance Panam


[00:00] How To Romance Panam in Cyberpunk 2077
[00:16] Ghost Town: After you get Panam’s Car Back while inside her car.
1. OK. So where’s this hideout?
[01:44] Ghost Town: At the Motel’s Bar
2. [DRINK] To your ride!
3. Maybe we get just one room?
4. Not exactly what I meant.
[03:10] Life During Wartime: After using the Drone to scan the area
5. Stay in the car. You’re hurt. Won’t be too much help out there anyway.
[03:53] Life During Wartime: After you rescue Mitch
6. [Sit] then pick “I gotta get Hellman. Will you help?”
[05:08] Life During Wartime: After standing up
7. I’ll help you settle the score with Kang Tao.
[05:39] Life During Wartime: After you found Hellman and placed him on the Bike
8. It really wasn’t Panam’s Fault.
[06:47] Rider’s on the Storm: At the Start
9. We’re chooms, that’s way.
[07:18] Rider’s on the Storm: At the next car after leading on it.
10. Do it quiet, sure. Perfect for two.
[07:45] Rider’s on the Storm: At the Van before leaving
11. Yeah, course.
[08:09] Rider’s on the Storm: After you rescue Saul and you are sitting on the couch.
12. Shitty idea, Panam’s right.
13. STREETKID ‘Bout freedom? Quite a bit, actually.
[09:24] Rider’s on the Storm: After Saul leaves and it’s just you 2
14. [Raise a toast] To haboobs.
15. Pleased with your stay, ma’am?
16. You’d be more comfortable with your shoes off, ma’am.
17. [Touch Panam’s thigh] Got a few ideas.
[11:30] Rider’s on the Storm: In the morning outside
18. Next time, I choose the motel.
19. [Stop Panam] Wait, About last night…
Please Note!!! If she gives you a Kiss then you’re on the right track.
[13:12] With A Little Help From My Friends: At the Start
20. “Forbade” Panam from doing something?
21. Feel like this fight’s been goin on a while.
[13:59] With A Little Help From My Friends: At the table with the Veterans
22. OK, I’m in.
[14:21] With A Little Help From My Friends: After picking up the Punch Card
23. [Stand by window] Missed you.
24. So let’s start.
25. OK. But we can skip the tiptoeing.
26. So far, so good.
27. Why’s it different with me?
28. [Touch Panam’s hand] Next time, try following that impulse.
[16:35] With A Little Help From My Friends: When sitting down at the campfire
29. [Sit] Worried about Saul?
30. Think I’ll try and get some shut-eye.
31. [Scooch closer] Gotten kinda cold.
[17:38] Queen of the Highway: Inside the Basilisk
32. Anybody get it running earlier?
33. Nice and cozy in here
[18:42] Queen of the Highway: After testing the Basilisk
34. [Let Panam touch you] Oh, yeah. Let’s go.

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