Dying Light 2 All 7 Red Duck Locations & Secret Bike

Dying Light 2 All 7 Red Duck Locations & Secret Bike Location. This walkthrough will show you Where to Find All 7 Red Ducks and How to Get the Secret Bike in Dying Light 2.

[00:00] 1/7 Red Duck Location / Quarry End Safe Code
[00:58] 2/7 Red Duck Location / Downtown Safe Code
[02:03] 3/7 Red Duck Location / Muddy Grounds Safe Code
[03:05] 4/7 Red Duck Location / New Dawn Park Safe Code
[04:05] 5/7 Red Duck Location / Saint Paul Island Safe Code
[05:14] 6/7 Red Duck Location / Newfound Lost Lands Safe Code
[06:08] 7/7 Red Duck Location / Outlands Safe Code
[07:10] Secret Bike Location

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