Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control DLC Trophy Achievement Guide

Enter the twisted psyche of Pagan Min, the ruthless dictator from Far Cry 4. Experience the world through Pagan’s eyes, uncover new insights about his past, and unlock rewards that carry over into Far Cry 6’s main campaign. Invite a friend to play the DLC with you in co-op with Buddy Pass, even if your friend does not own the DLC. Pagan: Control is available now.

True End(ing) – Escape Pagan’s mind

To escape his mind, you will need to find all 3 mask pieces then go to the Royal Palace. Below is the Family Reunion Quest Walkthrough Guide for the Location of All 3 Mask Pieces.

[00:00] Right Mask Piece Location – For King and Country Quest
[10:29] Left Mask Piece Location – Rewriting History Quest
[13:25] Bottom Mask Piece Location – Playing God Quest

Mind Monarch – Escape Pagan’s mind with a score of least 25,000

This will come naturally while going for “What’s a King to a God” Escape Pagan’s mind at Mind Level 5. But if for some odd reason you have not unlock this then Escape Pagan’s Mind at Round 20 instead of Round 5.

Pocket Money – Carry at least 8,000 Respect at once

To unlock this, you will need to Carry at least 8,000 Respect at once NOT cumulative. Don’y worry too much about this because you will probably unlock this naturally.

Enlightened Monarch – Discover every location in Pagan’s mind

Just visit all the Icons on the Map below

Accessorizing – Unlock all weapons in Pagan’s Armory (Solo Game only)

All Armory Challenge Locations
[00:00] 1/8 Auto Pistol
[00:33] 2/8 Sniper Rifle
[01:11] 3/8 Rifle
[01:51] 4/8 SMG
[02:32] 5/8 Grenade Launcher
[03:10] 6/8 Machine Gun
[03:42] 7/8 Shotgun
[04:16] 8/8 Bow

Early Drafts – Collect all of Pagan’s Diary Pages

[00:00] Kyrati TV Guide 1
[00:37] Kyrati TV Guide 2
[01:08] Kyrati TV Guide 4
[02:53] Kyrati TV Guide 7
[03:34] Kyrati TV Guide 6
[04:05] Kyrati TV Guide 5
[05:01] Kyrati TV Guide 3

Vanity Project – Collect all of the Pagan Chibis

[00:00] 1/10 Chibis Location 01
[00:29] 2/10 Chibis Location 05 (Go through Sound and Fury)
[01:05] 3/10 Chibis Location 06
[01:44] 4/10 Chibis Location 10
[02:14] 5/10 Chibis Location 02
[02:43] 6/10 Chibis Location 03
[03:08] 7/10 Chibis Location 07
[03:37] 8/10 Chibis Location 09
[04:08] 9/10 Chibis Location 04
[04:36] 10/10 Chibis Location 08 (Go through For King and Country)

Radio is More My Thing – Collect all of the Visions in Pagan’s mind

[00:00] Vision 01 – Second Draft (Rewriting History)
[01:35] Vision 02 – Storybook Ending (Playing God)
[04:42] Vision 03 – Power Struggle (For King and Country)
[06:39] Vision 04 – Leverage (For King and Country)
[08:49] Vision 05 – Indomitable (For King and Country)
[10:36] Vision 06 – First Sight (Thicker Than Water – Ishwari)
[13:03] Vision 07 – Cold Feet (Thicker Than Water – Lakshmana)
[14:39] Vision 08 – Change of Heart (Thicker Than Water – Lakshmana)
[15:30] Vision 09 – Self-Reflection (Thicker Than Water – Yourself)
[17:17] Vision 10 – New Beginnings (Thicker Than Water – Yourself)
[18:01] Vision 11 – Patriarch (Thicker Than Water – Your Father)
[19:54] Vision 12 – Daddy Issues (Thicker Than Water – Your Father)
[21:15] Vision 13 – Titles (Thicker Than Water – Random!!! Can be any of the 4 After you view 6-12)
[22:22] Vision 14 – Low Point (House On Fire)
[25:37] Vision 15 – Reverie (Royal Palace after you Collect all 3 Mask Pieces)
[26:23] Vision 16 – Happily Ever After (At the End of the Game)

Min-Maxed – Have 8 Power equipped at one time

At the Dinner Table or Safe House, you can access your Weapon Armory. Tab over to Temporary Power and below at the Power Bar is what you need to be fully unlocked and equip all 8 powers. It will cost Respect to unlock them so make sure you unlock Pocket Money first. Plus you will find random powers throughout the game and you can unlock your power socket then too. 

What’s a King to a God? – Escape Pagan’s mind at Mind Level 5

At the main menu, you can change your mind level to 5. Save this for last and unlock all your Powers and Weapons to make this easier.


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