Final Fantasy 7 Remake All Collectible Locations

All Collectibles (Music Discs, Materia, Weapons & Accessories, Johnny Incidents) Chapter 2 – 17 in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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Chapter 2 All Collectibles
[0:05] Evade Pursuers – Healing Materia (Story Related)
[0:32] Evade Pursuers – HP Up Materia (After Scene with the Flower Peddler)
[1:14] Evade Pursuers – Deadly Dodge Materia (After Scene with the Flower Peddler)
[1:40] Evade Pursuers – Power Wristguards (In a Chest before the Market Square)
[2:03] Climb to the Roof – Iron Bangle (After the Market Square Fight. Climb up 3 ladders then down 1)

Chapter 3 Collectibles
[0:05] Return to Base – Music Tifa’s Theme (After talking to Marlene)
[0:46] Life in the Slums – Music Hip Hop de Chocobo (After you Sleep)
[1:20] Life in the Slums – Buy Lightning Materia 500 & Buy
Music The Prelude 50 (Item Shop you visit with Tifa)
[2:14] A Job for the Neighborhood Watch – Chakra Materia (Story Related when Tifa Joined the Party)
[2:29] A Job for the Neighborhood Watch – Ice Materia (In the Cave after you enter the Scrap Boulevard)
[2:55] A Job for the Neighborhood Watch – Iron Blade (Story Related)
[3:34] Problem Solving – Assess Materia (Story Related Chadley)

[4:12] Please Note!!! Complete the 6 Side Quest

[4:17] Rat Problem Side Quest – Cleaning Materia (Buy for 300 after you complete the quest)
[5:25] Nuisance in the Factory Side Quest – Fire Materia (Found halfway through the Quest)
[6:39] Chadley’s Report Side Quest – Buy Auto-Cure Materia for 100 (Make sure you study a couple enemies with the Assess Materia)
[7:17] On the Prowl Side Quest – Available after completing a couple quests
[7:50] Lost Friends Side Quest – I have a guide in the description for the cat locations
[8:28] Just Flew In from the Graveyard Side Quest – Star Bracelet (Reward from completing the Quest)

Please Note!!! You should have enough Gil to buy the 4 Accessories from the Weapons Store (Cost $2900)

[9:29] Bulletproof Vest 800 Gil
Earrings 800 Gil
Talisman 800 Gil
Revival Earrings 500 Gil (Total $2900)

[10:16] A Job Well Done – Buy Music Barret’s Theme for 50

Please Note!!! Discovery Encounter is available for completing the 6 Side Quests

[10:45] Alone at Last “Discovery” – Crescent Moon Charm (Reward at the end)

Please Note!!! This is when you get 1 of the 3 Dresses for Tifa but in order to get the other 2 you will have to replay the chapter. You get the dress from choosing 1. Exotic 2. Sporty 3. Mature – Save Mature for last

[12:00] A Job Well Done – The Johnny Experience #1 (Story Related)

[12:28] Talking Strategy – Get to the Top of the Dart Leaderboards for a Materia in Chapter 4 from Wedge (Do this right after having a drink)

[12:56] Ominous Shadow – Ifrit Materia Summon (Story Related)

Chapter 4 Collectibles
[0:05] Return to the Slums – Revival Materia
[0:27] Story Related – Barrier Materia
[0:55] A New Operation – Luck Up Materia (Get to the Top of the Dart Leaderboards in Chapter 3)

Chapter 5 Collectibles
[0:05] All Aboard for Sector 4 – Healing Materia (At the Start of the Chapter)
[0:48] Find Stamp Section C – Star Pendant (On the Left up the Stairs)
[1:26] Find Stamp Section E – Leather Bracer (Side Room on the Right)
[1:57] Stairway Detour – Music 28. Stamp (Buy from the Vending Machine)
[2:44] Stairway Detour – Lightning Materia (Same room as Vending Machine)
[3:05] Secret Passageway – Metal Knuckles (Story Related)

Chapter 6 Collectibles
[0:05] Head for Section G – Poison Materia (Buy from Vending Machine 1500)
[0:32] Three Sun Lamps Down – Elemental Materia (Just before the 3rd Lamp)
[1:36] Three Sun Lamps Down – MP Up Materia (Same area as last Materia)
[2:14] Three Sun Lamps Down – Music 18. Electric de Chocobo (Buy from Vending Machine 50 Before using the final big elevator)
[3:05] Three Sun Lamps Down – Chocobo & Moogle Summon (Same room as Vending Machine. Need to defeat the enemies within 1 minute)
[4:27] Power for the Platform – Light Machine Gun (Story Related)

Chapter 7 Collectibles
[0:05] Mako Reactor 5 B7 – Bulletproof Vest (Before the Core)
[0:25] Mako Reactor 5 B7 – Lightning Materia (Before the Core)
[0:50] Mako Reactor 5 B5 – Sonic Strikers

Please Note!! You need to Sync 4 Times
[1:12] Front Gate Waste Recovery – MP Up Materia
[2:45] Front Gate – Music 2. Bombing Mission
[3:09] Story Related at the end of Mission – Titanium Bangle

Chapter 8 Collectibles
[0:05] To the Attic – Talisman (After the Balcony Breaks)
[0:33] Head for the Station – Prayer & Refocus Materia (Story Related when Aerith Joined)
[0:50] The Station – Music 21. Cait Sith’s Theme (Buy from Vending Machine 50)
[1:15] Around the Gate – Caliginous Bracelet (After pushing the container)
[2:07] Leaf House Delivery – Music 25. Tango of Tears (After Aerith and the Flowers)
[2:28] Leaf House Delivery – Music Costa del Sol (Buy from Materia Shop 50)

Please Note!!! You need to have completed Battle Intel Report 1, 2, 3, & 4 then buy the materia below

[2:56] Chadley – First Strike Materia (Buy this to unlock more Materia)

[3:21] Please Note!!! You need to have completed Battle Intel Report 6, 7, 8, & 9 then buy the rest of the materia below

[3:35] Chadley – Buy all the Materia you don’t have
Steal 100 gil
Wind 100 gil
Synergy 100 gil
ATB Boost 100 gil
Provoke 100 gil
Steadfast Block 100 gil

[4:33] Chadley VR Mission – Defeat Shiva for the Shiva Materia

[5:01] Please Note!!! Complete all Side Quest 7 – 12

[5:06] The Mysterious Moogle Merchant Side Quest – Buy the Membership Card

[5:31] Moogle Shop buy 4 items
Music 20. Gold Saucer
Silver Staff
Whistlewind Scarf
Salvation Badge

[6:24] Kids on Patrol Side Quest – Nail Bat

[6:42] Weapons on a Rampage Side Quest – Protective Boots

[7:00] Paying Respects Side Quest – Studded Bracer

[7:20] A Verified Hero Side Quest – You need to score at least 30k for the prizes
Crescent Moon Charm
Spectral Cogwheel

[8:05] Requests for the Mercenary – MP Up Materia

Chapter 9 Collectibles
[0:05] Take the Shortcut – Binding Materia (2nd Mechanic arm move container and drop Aerith on it)
[1:39] Dangers in the Debris – Music 22. Cosmo Canyou (Buy for 50 Vending Machine)
[2:03] Beyond the Dead End – Magnity Materia (3rd Mechanic arm move container and drop Aerith on it)

Please Note!!! Important Story Choices
[3:18] Chasing Tifa – “She’s in great fighter”
[3:44] To Corneo’s Mansion – Johnny Incident #2 PLUS you need to pick “Yeah.”
[4:38] To Corneo’s Mansion – 2 important choices!!! Outside pick “How much?”
Inside pick “Yes”

[5:37] To Corneo’s Mansion – Music 10. Honeybee Inn (Buy 50)

[6:06] Chadley VR Missions – Fat Chocobo Materia (Report 10)

[6:35] Please Note!!! You need to complete Battle Report 11, 12, 13, 14 to unlock the new Materia to buy from Chadley. I didn’t so I will be saving this for the next time I see Chadley.

[6:47] To Corneo’s Mansion – Music 17. Farm Boy (Talk to Cowgirl)

[7:16] To Corneo’s Mansion – Barrier Materia (In an Alley)

[7:48] To Corneo’s Mansion – Music 8. Under the Rotting Pizza (Junkbox)

[8:04] To Corneo’s Mansion – Music 29. The Midgar Blues (Singer on Stage)

[8:33] To Corneo’s Mansion – Headband (Gym)

[8:59] To Corneo’s Mansion – Weapon Store is will cost you 22k
Hardedge 2000
Supernatural Wristguards 5000
Survival Vest 5000
Platinum Earrings 5000
Timeworn Talisman 5000

Please Note!!! Final Important Story Choices
[10:09] Sam – pick “No deal.”
[10:49] Madam M – 1st pick “Poor Man’s Course – 100 G” 2nd pick “It’s alright.

Please Note!!! After the story mission with the Colosseum. 3 New Matches will show up so complete all of them
[11:27] Legacy: Ascension
Legacy: Planet’s Protection
Clarity Pendant

[11:47] Parting Ways – Star Pendant (North of Madam M)

[12:07] Burning Thighs Side Quest – Win all 3 Squat Challenges
Luck Up Materia – Win Amateur
Champion belt – Win Pro

Please Note!!! This Side Quest is unlocked because of your choices
[12:38] The Party Never Stops Side Quest – Johnny Incident #3

[13:14] A Dynamite Body Side Quest – Arcane Scepter (Reward)

Please Note!!! Make a Manual Save
[13:48] Aerith’s Plan – Music 26. Let the Battles Begin! (Need to score 10 Greats in the Dance Practice)

[14:16] Forbidden Room – Music 11. Don of the Slums (After meeting up wit Tifa)(Buy for 50 Vending Machine)

[14:45] Showdown with Corneo – Fury Ring (When controlling Aerith)

Chapter 10 Collectibles
[0:05] Follow the Waterway – Feathered Gloves
[0:46] Follow the Waterway – Music 9. The Oppressed
[1:11] Crossing the Trunk Line – Poison Materia
[1:33] To the Sector 7 Slums – Warding Materia
[1:54] To the Sector 7 Slums – Revival Earrings

Chapter 11 Collectibles
[0:05] Someone’s There – Mythril Rod
[0:27] A Train Wreck – HP Up Materia
[0:49] Pass Through the Maintenance Facility – Gothic Bangle
[1:44] Shadow in the Control Room – Music 6. Let the Battles Begin!
[2:10] Shadow in the Control Room – Subversion Materia (Story Related Reward)

Please Note!!! You need to Steal the Weapon from the Boss called Eligor
[2:36] Clear the Way – Bladed Staff (Steal from Final Boss)

Chapter 12 Collectibles
[0:05] Magician’s Bracelet
Heavy-Duty Bracer

Chapter 13 Collectibles
[0:05] Words of Hope – Sorcerer’s Armlet (Buy for 4800)

[0:41] Chadley – Buy any Materia from the completed Battle Intel
Enemy Skill Materia
Parry Materia
Item Master Materia
ATB Stagger Materia
ATB Assist Materia

[1:40] Chadley VR Missions Leviathan – Leviathan Materia (Battle Report 15)

[2:17] Checking on Friends – Mythical Amulet (Aerith House)

[2:49] Checking on Friends – Heavy-Duty Bracer

[3:12] Checking on Friends – Music 15. On Our Way (Buy for 50)

[3:40] Checking on Friends – Big Bertha (Buy for 2500)

[4:13] In Solitude – Healing Carcanet (With Barret after 2nd Ladder)

[4:45] Finding Wedge – Ice Materia (After meeting up with Tifa)

[5:10] Finding Wedge – Warding Materia (After meeting up with Tifa)

[5:34] Finding Wedge – Music 14. Main Theme of FFVII (Buy from Vending Machine)

[5:57] Finding Wedge – Mythril Claws (Story Related Reward)

Chapter 14 Collectibles
[0:05] Intel Gathering – Pedometer Materia (After leaving Aerith’s house)

Please Note!!! Turn in any Battle Intel to Chadley and purchase the new materia. You still will have a chance to complete some more at the end of the chapter.

[0:24] Complete Missing Children Side Quest – Time Materia

[1:01] Complete Chocobo Search Side Quest – Unlocks Free Fast Traveling
[1:17] 1st Chocobo
[1:46] 2nd Chocobo
[2:20] 3rd Chocobo

[2:59] Start Corneo’s Secret Stash

[3:12] Buy 2 items from the Moogle Emporium
Steel Pincers – 7
Enfeeblement Ring – 1

[3:53] Complete Whack-a-Box on Hard score 30k for 2 items
Crescent Moon Charm – 20k
Transference Module – 30k

[4:42] Sector 5 Undercity Station – Music 23. Descendant of Shinobi (Talk to the guy next to Johnny)

[5:20] Sector 5 Undercity Station – Johnny Incidents (Complete Tomboy Bandit Side Quest)

[6:08] Win the Special Match in the Colosseum (Complete Tomboy Bandit Side Quest)

[6:28] Church Chapel – Pick up Medicinal Flowers for Secret Medicine Side Quest
[6:53] Church Chapel – Chakra Materia

[7:11] Sector 5 Undercity Station – Johnny Incidents (The Johnny Experience Trophy)

[7:41] Steel Mountain – Corneo’s Vault Part 1 (Ruby Tiara)
[8:22] Same location – Circlet
[8:34] Same location – Prayer Materia

[8:46] Collapsed Expressway – Corneo’s Vault Part 2 (Diamond Tiara)

[9:24] S6-5 Road – Music 7. Turks’ Theme (North of Wall Market)

[9:53] Urban Advancement District – Music 24. Wutai (Use the Fast Travel Next to it)

[10:20] Buy for 50 in the Colosseum – Music 12. Fight On!

[10:49] Underground Arena – Complete the Two-Person Team vs. Team Payback – Reward Moogle’s Amulet

Please Note!!! Complete all the other Battle Challenges

[11:15] Wall Market Weapons Store – Buy Mythril Saber 3000

[11:40] Hotel by the entrance of Wall Market – Music 16. Good Night, Until Tomorrow (Talk to the guy in the lobby)

[12:14] To the left of the Honeybee Inn – Music 30. Stand Up (Talk to the Lady)

[12:43] To the right of the Honeybee Inn – Sorcerer’s Armlet

[13:21] Complete Wavering Heart Side Quest

[13:42] Win the Amateur & Pro Pull-ups Challenges
Magic up Materia – Amateur
Champion Belt – Pro

[14:15] Complete The Power of Music Side Quest – You need to play 3 music discs in the jukebox
12. Fight On!
16. Good Night, Until Tomorrow
30. Stand Up

[14:40] Talk to Madam M to Start Malicious Goons Side Quest – Location is by Aerith’s House (Defeat Tonberry)

[15:15] Talk to the Doctor to start Secret Medicine Side Quest
[15:29] Buy the Moogle’s Mortar form the Moogle Shop

[15:54] Evergreen Park – Complete Subterranean Menace Side Quest – Wreaking Ball (Defeat the Type-0 Behemoth)
[16:13] Steal from the Type-0 Behemoth – Enchanted Ring

[17:06] Return to the Doctor to complete Secret Medicine Side Quest

Please Note!!! On to the Main Mission in Corneo’s Mansion

[17:27] Corneo’s Mansion – Otherworldly Crystal (Before the Sewers)
[18:09] Corneo’s Mansion – Chakra Materia (Before the Sewers)

[19:02] Sewer System Aqueduct 4 “The Hideout” – Music 13. The Chase (Buy for 50 Vending Machine)

[19:25] Old Aqueduct 1 “Recovering the Key” – Poison Materia

[19:44] Control Section “Recovering the Key” – Protective Boots (Before the fight with Mischievous Shoat)

[20:07] Rateful Decisions – Corneo’s Vault Part 3 (Emerald Tiara) (After the fight with Mischievous Shoat)
[21:33] Same area – Enfeeblement Ring

[21:52] Return to Marie to complete Corneo’s Secret Stash

[22:08] Over the Wall – Elemental Materia (Available when you complete all 24 Side Quest)

Chapter 15 Collectibles
[0:05] The Crumbling Building – Music 5. Lurking in the Darkness
[0:39] Story Related – Cog Bangle

Chapter 16 Collectibles
[0:05] Acquiring the Keycard – Purple Pain

[0:48] Use the Elevator – Iron Maiden

[1:23] A Helping Hand – EKG Cannon (Talk to Hart and give him 10k)

[2:16] A Helping Hand – Music 31. Scarlet’s Theme

Please Note!!! Buy the next 3 items or Win them in the Combat Simulator

[2:43] Geometric Bracelet
Supreme Bracer
Rune Armlet

[3:26] Combat Simulator – Two-Person Team vs. High Flyers – Gil Up Materia
[4:26] Combat Simulator – Three-Person Team vs. Team Ragbag – EXP Up Materia

[3:57] Ventilation Duct – HP Up Materia

[4:27] Steal from the Boss Specimen H0512 – Timeworn Talisman

Chapter 17 Collectibles
[0:05] A Way Out – Reinforced Staff

[0:27] Find the Others – Twin Stinger

[0:50] Use the Central Terminal – Time Materia

[1:10] Find the Others – Force Bracelet

[1:40] Find the Others – Astral Cuff

[2:06] Find the Others – Chain Bangle

[2:30] Story Related Boss Drop – Force Bracelet
[2:35] Story Related Boss Drop – Astral Cuff

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