Final Fantasy 7 Remake All Collectible Locations

All Collectibles (Music Discs, Materia, Weapons & Accessories, Johnny Incidents) Chapter 2 – 17 in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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Chapter 2 All Collectibles
[0:05] Evade Pursuers – Healing Materia (Story Related)
[0:32] Evade Pursuers – HP Up Materia (After Scene with the Flower Peddler)
[1:14] Evade Pursuers – Deadly Dodge Materia (After Scene with the Flower Peddler)
[1:40] Evade Pursuers – Power Wristguards (In a Chest before the Market Square)
[2:03] Climb to the Roof – Iron Bangle (After the Market Square Fight. Climb up 3 ladders then down 1)

Chapter 3 Collectibles
[0:05] Return to Base – Music Tifa’s Theme (After talking to Marlene)
[0:46] Life in the Slums – Music Hip Hop de Chocobo (After you Sleep)
[1:20] Life in the Slums – Buy Lightning Materia 500 & Buy
Music The Prelude 50 (Item Shop you visit with Tifa)
[2:14] A Job for the Neighborhood Watch – Chakra Materia (Story Related when Tifa Joined the Party)
[2:29] A Job for the Neighborhood Watch – Ice Materia (In the Cave after you enter the Scrap Boulevard)
[2:55] A Job for the Neighborhood Watch – Iron Blade (Story Related)
[3:34] Problem Solving – Assess Materia (Story Related Chadley)

[4:12] Please Note!!! Complete the 6 Side Quest

[4:17] Rat Problem Side Quest – Cleaning Materia (Buy for 300 after you complete the quest)
[5:25] Nuisance in the Factory Side Quest – Fire Materia (Found halfway through the Quest)
[6:39] Chadley’s Report Side Quest – Buy Auto-Cure Materia for 100 (Make sure you study a couple enemies with the Assess Materia)
[7:17] On the Prowl Side Quest – Available after completing a couple quests
[7:50] Lost Friends Side Quest – I have a guide in the description for the cat locations
[8:28] Just Flew In from the Graveyard Side Quest – Star Bracelet (Reward from completing the Quest)

Please Note!!! You should have enough Gil to buy the 4 Accessories from the Weapons Store (Cost $2900)

[9:29] Bulletproof Vest 800 Gil
Earrings 800 Gil
Talisman 800 Gil
Revival Earrings 500 Gil (Total $2900)

[10:16] A Job Well Done – Buy Music Barret’s Theme for 50

Please Note!!! Discovery Encounter is available for completing the 6 Side Quests

[10:45] Alone at Last “Discovery” – Crescent Moon Charm (Reward at the end)

Please Note!!! This is when you get 1 of the 3 Dresses for Tifa but in order to get the other 2 you will have to replay the chapter. You get the dress from choosing 1. Exotic 2. Sporty 3. Mature – Save Mature for last

[12:00] A Job Well Done – The Johnny Experience #1 (Story Related)

[12:28] Talking Strategy – Get to the Top of the Dart Leaderboards for a Materia in Chapter 4 from Wedge (Do this right after having a drink)

[12:56] Ominous Shadow – Ifrit Materia Summon (Story Related)

Chapter 4 Collectibles
[0:05] Return to the Slums – Revival Materia
[0:27] Story Related – Barrier Materia
[0:55] A New Operation – Luck Up Materia (Get to the Top of the Dart Leaderboards in Chapter 3)

Chapter 5 Collectibles
[0:05] All Aboard for Sector 4 – Healing Materia (At the Start of the Chapter)
[0:48] Find Stamp Section C – Star Pendant (On the Left up the Stairs)
[1:26] Find Stamp Section E – Leather Bracer (Side Room on the Right)
[1:57] Stairway Detour – Music 28. Stamp (Buy from the Vending Machine)
[2:44] Stairway Detour – Lightning Materia (Same room as Vending Machine)
[3:05] Secret Passageway – Metal Knuckles (Story Related)

Chapter 6 Collectibles
[0:05] Head for Section G – Poison Materia (Buy from Vending Machine 1500)
[0:32] Three Sun Lamps Down – Elemental Materia (Just before the 3rd Lamp)
[1:36] Three Sun Lamps Down – MP Up Materia (Same area as last Materia)
[2:14] Three Sun Lamps Down – Music 18. Electric de Chocobo (Buy from Vending Machine 50 Before using the final big elevator)
[3:05] Three Sun Lamps Down – Chocobo & Moogle Summon (Same room as Vending Machine. Need to defeat the enemies within 1 minute)
[4:27] Power for the Platform – Light Machine Gun (Story Related)

Chapter 7 Collectibles
[0:05] Mako Reactor 5 B7 – Bulletproof Vest (Before the Core)
[0:25] Mako Reactor 5 B7 – Lightning Materia (Before the Core)
[0:50] Mako Reactor 5 B5 – Sonic Strikers

Please Note!! You need to Sync 4 Times
[1:12] Front Gate Waste Recovery – MP Up Materia
[2:45] Front Gate – Music 2. Bombing Mission
[3:09] Story Related at the end of Mission – Titanium Bangle

Chapter 8 Collectibles
[0:05] To the Attic – Talisman (After the Balcony Breaks)
[0:33] Head for the Station – Prayer & Refocus Materia (Story Related when Aerith Joined)
[0:50] The Station – Music 21. Cait Sith’s Theme (Buy from Vending Machine 50)
[1:15] Around the Gate – Caliginous Bracelet (After pushing the container)
[2:07] Leaf House Delivery – Music 25. Tango of Tears (After Aerith and the Flowers)
[2:28] Leaf House Delivery – Music Costa del Sol (Buy from Materia Shop 50)

Please Note!!! You need to have completed Battle Intel Report 1, 2, 3, & 4 then buy the materia below

[2:56] Chadley – First Strike Materia (Buy this to unlock more Materia)

[3:21] Please Note!!! You need to have completed Battle Intel Report 6, 7, 8, & 9 then buy the rest of the materia below

[3:35] Chadley – Buy all the Materia you don’t have
Steal 100 gil
Wind 100 gil
Synergy 100 gil
ATB Boost 100 gil
Provoke 100 gil
Steadfast Block 100 gil

[4:33] Chadley VR Mission – Defeat Shiva for the Shiva Materia

[5:01] Please Note!!! Complete all Side Quest 7 – 12

[5:06] The Mysterious Moogle Merchant Side Quest – Buy the Membership Card

[5:31] Moogle Shop buy 4 items
Music 20. Gold Saucer
Silver Staff
Whistlewind Scarf
Salvation Badge

[6:24] Kids on Patrol Side Quest – Nail Bat

[6:42] Weapons on a Rampage Side Quest – Protective Boots

[7:00] Paying Respects Side Quest – Studded Bracer

[7:20] A Verified Hero Side Quest – You need to score at least 30k for the prizes
Crescent Moon Charm
Spectral Cogwheel

[8:05] Requests for the Mercenary – MP Up Materia

Chapter 9 Collectibles
[0:05] Take the Shortcut – Binding Materia (2nd Mechanic arm move container and drop Aerith on it)
[1:39] Dangers in the Debris – Music 22. Cosmo Canyou (Buy for 50 Vending Machine)
[2:03] Beyond the Dead End – Magnity Materia (3rd Mechanic arm move container and drop Aerith on it)

Please Note!!! Important Story Choices
[3:18] Chasing Tifa – “She’s in great fighter”
[3:44] To Corneo’s Mansion – Johnny Incident #2 PLUS you need to pick “Yeah.”
[4:38] To Corneo’s Mansion – 2 important choices!!! Outside pick “How much?”
Inside pick “Yes”

[5:37] To Corneo’s Mansion – Music 10. Honeybee Inn (Buy 50)

[6:06] Chadley VR Missions – Fat Chocobo Materia (Report 10)

[6:35] Please Note!!! You need to complete Battle Report 11, 12, 13, 14 to unlock the new Materia to buy from Chadley. I didn’t so I will be saving this for the next time I see Chadley.

[6:47] To Corneo’s Mansion – Music 17. Farm Boy (Talk to Cowgirl)

[7:16] To Corneo’s Mansion – Barrier Materia (In an Alley)

[7:48] To Corneo’s Mansion – Music 8. Under the Rotting Pizza (Junkbox)

[8:04] To Corneo’s Mansion – Music 29. The Midgar Blues (Singer on Stage)

[8:33] To Corneo’s Mansion – Headband (Gym)

[8:59] To Corneo’s Mansion – Weapon Store is will cost you 22k
Hardedge 2000
Supernatural Wristguards 5000
Survival Vest 5000
Platinum Earrings 5000
Timeworn Talisman 5000

Please Note!!! Final Important Story Choices
[10:09] Sam – pick “No deal.”
[10:49] Madam M – 1st pick “Poor Man’s Course – 100 G” 2nd pick “It’s alright.

Please Note!!! After the story mission with the Colosseum. 3 New Matches will show up so complete all of them
[11:27] Legacy: Ascension
Legacy: Planet’s Protection
Clarity Pendant

[11:47] Parting Ways – Star Pendant (North of Madam M)

[12:07] Burning Thighs Side Quest – Win all 3 Squat Challenges
Luck Up Materia – Win Amateur
Champion belt – Win Pro

Please Note!!! This Side Quest is unlocked because of your choices
[12:38] The Party Never Stops Side Quest – Johnny Incident #3

[13:14] A Dynamite Body Side Quest – Arcane Scepter (Reward)

Please Note!!! Make a Manual Save
[13:48] Aerith’s Plan – Music 26. Let the Battles Begin! (Need to score 10 Greats in the Dance Practice)

[14:16] Forbidden Room – Music 11. Don of the Slums (After meeting up wit Tifa)(Buy for 50 Vending Machine)

[14:45] Showdown with Corneo – Fury Ring (When controlling Aerith)

Chapter 10 Collectibles
[0:05] Follow the Waterway – Feathered Gloves
[0:46] Follow the Waterway – Music 9. The Oppressed
[1:11] Crossing the Trunk Line – Poison Materia
[1:33] To the Sector 7 Slums – Warding Materia
[1:54] To the Sector 7 Slums – Revival Earrings

Chapter 11 Collectibles
[0:05] Someone’s There – Mythril Rod
[0:27] A Train Wreck – HP Up Materia
[0:49] Pass Through the Maintenance Facility – Gothic Bangle
[1:44] Shadow in the Control Room – Music 6. Let the Battles Begin!
[2:10] Shadow in the Control Room – Subversion Materia (Story Related Reward)

Please Note!!! You need to Steal the Weapon from the Boss called Eligor
[2:36] Clear the Way – Bladed Staff (Steal from Final Boss)

Chapter 12 Collectibles
[0:05] Magician’s Bracelet
Heavy-Duty Bracer

Chapter 13 Collectibles
[0:05] Words of Hope – Sorcerer’s Armlet (Buy for 4800)

[0:41] Chadley – Buy any Materia from the completed Battle Intel
Enemy Skill Materia
Parry Materia
Item Master Materia
ATB Stagger Materia
ATB Assist Materia

[1:40] Chadley VR Missions Leviathan – Leviathan Materia (Battle Report 15)

[2:17] Checking on Friends – Mythical Amulet (Aerith House)

[2:49] Checking on Friends – Heavy-Duty Bracer

[3:12] Checking on Friends – Music 15. On Our Way (Buy for 50)

[3:40] Checking on Friends – Big Bertha (Buy for 2500)

[4:13] In Solitude – Healing Carcanet (With Barret after 2nd Ladder)

[4:45] Finding Wedge – Ice Materia (After meeting up with Tifa)

[5:10] Finding Wedge – Warding Materia (After meeting up with Tifa)

[5:34] Finding Wedge – Music 14. Main Theme of FFVII (Buy from Vending Machine)

[5:57] Finding Wedge – Mythril Claws (Story Related Reward)

Chapter 14 Collectibles
[0:05] Intel Gathering – Pedometer Materia (After leaving Aerith’s house)

Please Note!!! Turn in any Battle Intel to Chadley and purchase the new materia. You still will have a chance to complete some more at the end of the chapter.

[0:24] Complete Missing Children Side Quest – Time Materia

[1:01] Complete Chocobo Search Side Quest – Unlocks Free Fast Traveling
[1:17] 1st Chocobo
[1:46] 2nd Chocobo
[2:20] 3rd Chocobo

[2:59] Start Corneo’s Secret Stash

[3:12] Buy 2 items from the Moogle Emporium
Steel Pincers – 7
Enfeeblement Ring – 1

[3:53] Complete Whack-a-Box on Hard score 30k for 2 items
Crescent Moon Charm – 20k
Transference Module – 30k

[4:42] Sector 5 Undercity Station – Music 23. Descendant of Shinobi (Talk to the guy next to Johnny)

[5:20] Sector 5 Undercity Station – Johnny Incidents (Complete Tomboy Bandit Side Quest)

[6:08] Win the Special Match in the Colosseum (Complete Tomboy Bandit Side Quest)

[6:28] Church Chapel – Pick up Medicinal Flowers for Secret Medicine Side Quest
[6:53] Church Chapel – Chakra Materia

[7:11] Sector 5 Undercity Station – Johnny Incidents (The Johnny Experience Trophy)

[7:41] Steel Mountain – Corneo’s Vault Part 1 (Ruby Tiara)
[8:22] Same location – Circlet
[8:34] Same location – Prayer Materia

[8:46] Collapsed Expressway – Corneo’s Vault Part 2 (Diamond Tiara)

[9:24] S6-5 Road – Music 7. Turks’ Theme (North of Wall Market)

[9:53] Urban Advancement District – Music 24. Wutai (Use the Fast Travel Next to it)

[10:20] Buy for 50 in the Colosseum – Music 12. Fight On!

[10:49] Underground Arena – Complete the Two-Person Team vs. Team Payback – Reward Moogle’s Amulet

Please Note!!! Complete all the other Battle Challenges

[11:15] Wall Market Weapons Store – Buy Mythril Saber 3000

[11:40] Hotel by the entrance of Wall Market – Music 16. Good Night, Until Tomorrow (Talk to the guy in the lobby)

[12:14] To the left of the Honeybee Inn – Music 30. Stand Up (Talk to the Lady)

[12:43] To the right of the Honeybee Inn – Sorcerer’s Armlet

[13:21] Complete Wavering Heart Side Quest

[13:42] Win the Amateur & Pro Pull-ups Challenges
Magic up Materia – Amateur
Champion Belt – Pro

[14:15] Complete The Power of Music Side Quest – You need to play 3 music discs in the jukebox
12. Fight On!
16. Good Night, Until Tomorrow
30. Stand Up

[14:40] Talk to Madam M to Start Malicious Goons Side Quest – Location is by Aerith’s House (Defeat Tonberry)

[15:15] Talk to the Doctor to start Secret Medicine Side Quest
[15:29] Buy the Moogle’s Mortar form the Moogle Shop

[15:54] Evergreen Park – Complete Subterranean Menace Side Quest – Wreaking Ball (Defeat the Type-0 Behemoth)
[16:13] Steal from the Type-0 Behemoth – Enchanted Ring

[17:06] Return to the Doctor to complete Secret Medicine Side Quest

Please Note!!! On to the Main Mission in Corneo’s Mansion

[17:27] Corneo’s Mansion – Otherworldly Crystal (Before the Sewers)
[18:09] Corneo’s Mansion – Chakra Materia (Before the Sewers)

[19:02] Sewer System Aqueduct 4 “The Hideout” – Music 13. The Chase (Buy for 50 Vending Machine)

[19:25] Old Aqueduct 1 “Recovering the Key” – Poison Materia

[19:44] Control Section “Recovering the Key” – Protective Boots (Before the fight with Mischievous Shoat)

[20:07] Rateful Decisions – Corneo’s Vault Part 3 (Emerald Tiara) (After the fight with Mischievous Shoat)
[21:33] Same area – Enfeeblement Ring

[21:52] Return to Marie to complete Corneo’s Secret Stash

[22:08] Over the Wall – Elemental Materia (Available when you complete all 24 Side Quest)

Chapter 15 Collectibles
[0:05] The Crumbling Building – Music 5. Lurking in the Darkness
[0:39] Story Related – Cog Bangle

Chapter 16 Collectibles
[0:05] Acquiring the Keycard – Purple Pain

[0:48] Use the Elevator – Iron Maiden

[1:23] A Helping Hand – EKG Cannon (Talk to Hart and give him 10k)

[2:16] A Helping Hand – Music 31. Scarlet’s Theme

Please Note!!! Buy the next 3 items or Win them in the Combat Simulator

[2:43] Geometric Bracelet
Supreme Bracer
Rune Armlet

[3:26] Combat Simulator – Two-Person Team vs. High Flyers – Gil Up Materia
[4:26] Combat Simulator – Three-Person Team vs. Team Ragbag – EXP Up Materia

[3:57] Ventilation Duct – HP Up Materia

[4:27] Steal from the Boss Specimen H0512 – Timeworn Talisman

Chapter 17 Collectibles
[0:05] A Way Out – Reinforced Staff

[0:27] Find the Others – Twin Stinger

[0:50] Use the Central Terminal – Time Materia

[1:10] Find the Others – Force Bracelet

[1:40] Find the Others – Astral Cuff

[2:06] Find the Others – Chain Bangle

[2:30] Story Related Boss Drop – Force Bracelet
[2:35] Story Related Boss Drop – Astral Cuff

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8 months ago

When you really see what’s really going on in this remake and small attention to detail with the plot ghosts and certain characters on a second playthrough, you really start to appreciate what they’re trying to accomplish. Given the fact that you had to have played the original to really grasp understanding it’s still amazing to see that they’re giving you a “what if” storyline with certain characters adding on to an already amazing storyline. This whole remake is based on the butterfly effect where things in the original gets discombobulated from what happened in the original, and it all… Read more »