Genshin Impact Beidou Hangout Event All 5 Endings & Choices

Genshin Impact All Beidou Hangout Event Endings When the Crux Shines Bright. Here are the Choices you need to Pick for Beidou Hangout Event 5 Endings & the Answers to Beidou Quiz.

Ending #1 Once Everything is Over
[00:00] A Special Guest
1. All I Wanted
2. The crew seems
3. Why would I? Im actually quite interested in the life of a sailer
4. Alright Captain show me the ropes.
5. What’s the other team? The Spear of the Crux
6. The Shield of The Crux
7. I thought I would be learning

Next talk to the Crew then FAIL THE QUIZ!!!
[03:11] Life on the High Seas
1. It was a Breeze
2. Underestimating danger (Right Answer)
3. To mark diffrent types of currents (Wrong Answer)
4. White spots in the clouds (Wrong Answer)

[06:12] Beneath the Surface
1. Bounties for capturing pirates
SKIP AHEAD TO THE 3rd GUY (Mr. Iron Abacus)
2. That’s it?
3. This is all so
4. Try and persuade Ningguang
5. Should I distract him
6. Wait a second
7. Do you mean weapons?

Ending #2 Flirtatious
[10:06] A Little Test (Start This One)
Life on the High Seas
Get the 3 Answers Right!!!
1. It was a breeze
2. Underestimating danger (Right Answer)
3. To Mark distances (Right Answer)
4. white vortices in the clouds (Right Answer)
5. Why learn recreational
6. Now you’re talking
7. Hmm Captain Beidou
8. Trust your crew
9. You can just strike
10. Perhaps you feel uncomfortable with so many people around
11. We can go somewhere with a better view
12. Wangshu Inn
13. Xu Liushi
14. It’s probably because
15. You finally remembered
16. Maybe go for something a little flirtatious

Ending #3 Photography Class for Two
[16:57] A Smattering of Memories (Start This One)
1. I thought you might
2. Perhaps you can strike an epic pose
3. You were born to be a model
4. Only if you promise

Ending #4 Sakura Blooms Upon Guili Fell
[18:41] A Special Guest (Start This One)
1. Why would I? Taking me to Inazuma
2. Is an evil chi
3. You know me too well
4. I think it’s Guili Plains
5. Call it a treasure

[21:11] Guili Plains Treasure Hunt
1. Ahem let’s maybe head
2. I was expecting it
3. So, it’s the dying wish

Ending #5 Between Us
[24:56] Private Chat (Start This One)
1. I think it’s Qingce Village
2. Qingce Village has a lot

[25:42] Qingce Village Treasure Hunt
1. I think Ji is responsible
2. I think Ren deserves
3. I don’t have your clout
4. You did mention that treasure chest

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