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How to Get All Chongyun Hangout Endings in Genshin Impact Signs of Evil. Here are the Choices you need to Pick for Chongyun Hangout Event 6 Endings Signs of Evil Walkthrough Guide.

Chongyun Hangout Event All 6 Endings & Choices
[00:18] Blessing In Disguise (Ending 1/6)
Start the Hangout Event Signs of Evil
1. I get it, that’s the Vigilant Yaksha
2. The shadow in Guili Plains
3. They all sound pretty
4. Shall I try rubbing your
5. That’s an unexpected solution
Distant Gaze
1. What if you just give him one
The Exorcist’s Path
1. There’s a ghostly shadow skulking
2. Deep in the Sea of Clouds
3. There’s is a vigilant demon adept
4. Such… enviable friendship
5. So it seems
6. I’ll leave this to you
7. You’re very calm
8. But you still won’t ever see it
9. Hmm I guess
10. I’m just doing my duty

[17:52] Idle Amusement (Ending 2/6)
Select “A Curious Gaze” for the other ending
Distant Gaze
1. Since he has a sister, you should probably give him both
2. Can’t you buy some more
3. I was the one who convinced you
Popsicles and Their Curious Uses
1. Making popsicles seems easy
2. Let’s try Sunsettia and Valberries
For A Child’s Smile
1. We’re not bad guys
2. Actually
3. Don’t eat them all
4. That’s right
5. Let’s go play with them
6. Just treat it as if
7. Let me play the ghost
8. Just use your
9. I want to try some
10. You should open a restaurant

[33:35] Can’t Beat This Heat (Ending 3/6)
Select “Popsicle Emergency” for the other ending
Popsicles and Their Curious Uses
1. Let’s try Jueyun Chili and Slime

[35:43] Goodbyes (Ending 4/6)
Select “Meeting by the Wharf” for the other ending
Hard to Track
1. That sounds similar to the work
2. Sometimes drunkards pass by people
3. Although they all seem farfetched
4. The aim is to strengthen
5. Okay I’m free
Test of Courage
1. Perhaps it’s all just psychological
2. Let’s both drink it
3. The participants are just
4. Let me help you
5. I’ll go get some Cryo Slime
Sudden Discomfort
1. That’s all there is to
2. Remember that strange mist
3. I might defeat the spirit
1. She’s a ghost
2. I don’t think that day
3. This sounds just like
4. Let’s say goodbye

[01:00:24] Small Regrets (Ending 5/6)
Select “Nothing Going Bump After All” for the other ending
1. It’s just for entertainment
2. Right let’s head back
3. Maybe we could hang out

[01:01:53] Nothing Gained (Ending 6/6)
Select “Chongyun’s Determination” for the other ending
Test of Courage
1. You’re taking this event
2. Sure just have a rest
The Bottom of Things
1. It’s all planned
2. Chongyun will be
3. That’s all there is to


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