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How to Get All Diona Hangout Event Endings in Genshin Impact The Cat and the Cocktail. Here are the Choices you need to Pick for Diona Hangout Event 5 Endings The Cat and the Cocktail.

Ending #1 The Unfathomable Felines
[00:08] The Cat’s Tail’s Bartender
1. I’m here for the kitties
[05:12] To Catch a Kitten
1. I’m an experienced climber
[08:58] Kitty Location
1. Use the cat toy
2. Well he is really cute
3. Use the cat food
4. Maybe you should take a hint
5. Does he like cat toys
[13:28] Paisley Location
1. Meow meow
2. That actually might make

Ending #2 Cat Party
[16:07] Start at ” To Catch a Kitten
[16:12] Kitty Location
1. Use the cat toy
2. I think customers visit the tavern
3. Use the cat food
4. Your specialty drinks
[20:10] Paisley Location
1. Alright I’ll Leave him to you
2. No-one would know about these cats
3. But everyone seems to really

Ending #3 Diona’s Special
[24:07] Start at “The Cat’s Tail’s Bartender”
1. I want to try some new
2. I’m a lot older
3. I’d like the base to be more
[27:16] A Special Base Drink
1. You want to make a drink
2. I’ll avoid the monsters as well
[33:01] The Shadow Over Dadaupa
1. Draff said he had just found some
2. Could those ingredients
3. Diona has it
[43:00] Talk to Allan
[44:40] Talk to Diona

Ending #4 I Only Had a Little
[46:18] Start at “Dead-Drunk Draff
1. I can deal with a few monsters
2. Got it right here
3. What a horrible smell
Talk to Allan

Ending #5
[54:29] Start at “The Cat’s Tail’s Bartender”
1. I want to try some new
2. A non-alcoholic beverage
3. I’d like the flavoring to be
[56:56] Follow Diona
1. These look more like
[58:10] Special Cocktailing Condiments
1. Uh I’m going to go stand
[59:59] Explore and collect
1. How about trying a different
2. Is it me or was that
[01:08:26] Exchanging Pointers
1. What a coincidence
2. Soak the Lizard Tail in the Distilled
3. Add all of the Slime
4. Add all the Butterfly
5. Cut the Lizard tail
6. Add a small amount of Smile
7. Pour a heap of Butterfly
8. Crush the Fish Scales first
9. It can’t be that bad
10. When did this guy


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