Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Fontaine Research Institute Chronicles World Quest & Puzzle Guide Genshin Impact 4.1

[00:00] How to Start Fontaine Research Institute Chronicles Quest
[00:18] Go to the preliminary review location
[00:54] Find Nacker
[01:33] Go to the Executive Office of Fontaine
[01:52] Go to the Materials Office of Fontaine
[02:22] Operate the Transfer Terminal to Unblock the area
[03:56] Recover Fontaine Research Institute Research Assets
[05:26] Go to the Fontaine Research Institute
[05:53] Clockwork Applications Retrieve the Survey Anchor
[08:20] Institute Dormitories Retrieve the Survey Anchor
[09:49] Report Back to Raimondo
[10:16] Go to the Ruins of Fontaine Research Institute
[14:42] Defeat all of the malfunctioning meka
[15:53] Report Back to Raimondo
[16:22] Examine the large out-of-control Arkhium
[16:55] 1/4 Recover the Condensing Components
[20:39] 2/4 Recover the Condensing Components
[22:34] 3/4 Recover the Condensing Components
[25:30] 4/4 Recover the Condensing Components
[27:55] Talk to Raimondo and Defeat the Boss
[28:41] Return to the Fontaine Research Institute

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