Genshin Impact How to Get Amenoma Kageuchi Sword Blueprint

The Farmer Treasure Quest Guide in Genshin Impact All 4 Old Stone Slate Locations (Amenoma Kageuchi Sword Blueprint)

[00:00] Start the Quest by releasing Saimon Jirou
[00:44] 1/4 Old Stone Slate Location

[01:07] PLEASE NOTE!!! The next part you’ll need to complete the Mission Chain Quest. Starting with A Strange Story in Konda Quest Guide
And you will need to complete All 3 Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual Quest Guide & Locations (Just the Ritual in Araumi)

[01:15] Strange Story in Konda Quest Location (Gives you access the Well)
[01:42] 2/4 Old Stone Slate Location
[03:24] Araumi Cleansing Ritual Guide
[09:05] 3/4 Old Stone Slate Location &
4/4 Old Stone Slate Location
[10:37] The Farmer’s Treasure Quest
[11:12] Search for the 5th Stone Slate (Dig at all the Spots)
[12:13] Confront Saimon Jirou
[12:53] Defeat all Opponents
[13:08] Treasury Puzzle
[14:23] Report Back to Saimon Jirou to get the Saimon Heirloom Blade Diagram (Amenoma Kageuchi Sword Blueprint)
[14:50] Materials Needed


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