Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

Genshin Impact 1.3 Update has a New Gadget available for anyone above AR31. You’ll need to complete 2 quests in Liyue. First one is called What Do Adventures Do Again? and the second one is called Tianqiu Treasure Trail. After that, you will receive a new gadget called Parametric Transformer. This gadget will let you trade 150 items for something new. Below is my Guide on how to complete both quests.

[00:00] Genshin Impact Tianqiu Treasure Trail Quest Guide All Treasure Locations
[00:05] How to Get New Gadget Parametric Transformer
[00:34] Part 1 Talk to Lan to Start “What Do Adventures Do Again?”
[01:09] Talk to Tiantian
[01:27] Defeat all opponents and clear the obstacles
[01:49] Return to Tiantian
[02:08] Defeat the Treasure Hoarders in Lisha
[02:48] Return to Tiantian to complete What Do Adventures Do Again Quest

[03:20] Part 2 Talk to Lan to Start Tianqiu Treasure Trail Quest
[04:06] Defeat all opponents
[04:30] Go to the location on the Map
[05:18] How to Find All 3 Treasures in Tianqiu Treasure Trail Quest.
[07:39] Report back to Lan to complete Tianqiu Treasure Trail Quest and get the Parametric Transformer Gadget


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