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How to Get All Sayu Hangout Event Endings in Genshin Impact Yoohoo Art: Seichou. Here are the Choices you need to Pick for Sayu Hangout Event 6 Endings Yoohoo Art: Seichou.

[00:05] 1/6 Ending – Everything in Moderation
A Mysterious Gaze
1. I was about to ask you
2. I suppose I’ll just have a chat
3. I see Go on
4. Well you were a great help
5. Do you know me
6. I happened to be in the area
7. Uh no No I haven’t
8. No I’ve just heard things
9. Of course Sayu
10. Thank you
11. Yes absolutely certain
Give it Up!
1. I’ve never seen anyone
2. Growing taller is what you
3. Sleep alone isn’t enough
Bottleneck Breaking
1. Makes sense
2. Do you still wish
3. Alright then follow me
4. Uh good luck with that

[04:40] 2/6 Ending – Like Soaring Through the Skies
Recharge Plan – Replay
Bottleneck Breaking
1. It seems you’ve really
2. Eating like this might
3. Okay We’ll take care of it
4. What’s wrong
5. I don’t think that will stop
6. There’s a saying you know
7. Adventuring is a grueling

[07:09] 3/6 Ending – With the Trees
Give it Up – Replay
Give it up
1. I don’t think anyone could
2. I can see that you’re tried
3. It’s still your responsibility
4. Now you’re the one
5. Why are you talking
Operation Substitution
1. Hold on
2. It’s normal for trees to grow
3. All trees will grow sooner
4. I think you’re taking this

[10:03] 4/6 Ending – Definitely No Work Today
Give it Up – Replay
Give it up
1. I’ve never seen anyone grow
2. Growing taller is what you
3. It’s not the amount of sleep
Sleep Alone Can’t Wait
1. You’re always alert
2. Aren’t you worried
3. You give them a piece
4. You really love the wildlife
5. How about Konda Village
6. Then I won’t disturb you
7. Nope she’s not
8. Yes I’m sure
9. She’s really not
10. Oh No

[13:11] 5/6 Ending – The Best Rest
Shuumatsuban Visitation – Replay
A Mysterious Order
1. Oh you’ve heard
2. It seems you are looking
3. No
4. I’ve just got an unusual
5. What a relief
6. While you are making inquiries
7. That makes him a likely
8. Maybe he’s up to
Shuumatsuban Suspicions
1. Stop right there
2. Tell us the truth, no more lies
3. Sounds like a plan
4. I’m sure they’ll still
5. Getting rid of me
6. It’s not afraid
7. You’re most welcome
8. You seem to have changed

[16:29] 6/6 Ending – Little Sayu’s Troubles
Two Can Play This Game – Replay
Shuumatsuban Suspicions
1. Don’t even think about
2. Save it for the
3. No problem
4. Don’t worry Sayu

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