Horizon Forbidden West All Legendary Weapon Locations

Horizon Forbidden West All Legendary Weapon Locations. This walkthrough will show you How to Get All Legendary Weapons in Horizon Forbidden West.

[00:00] Horizon Forbidden West All Legendary Weapon Locations

[00:21] Legendary Tripcasters Tinker’s Pride (Complete All Hunting Grounds with Full Stripes)

[01:39] Legendary Hunter Bow The Sun Scourge (Complete All 5 Rebel Camps. The 6th Rebel Camp will unlock after you Talk to Erend. Remember to Loot the Boss for the Legendary Weapon)

[03:00] Legendary Warrior Bow Carja’s Bane (Complete All 4 Gauntlet Runs and Loot the Chest)

[04:10] Legendary Shredder Gauntlet Ancestor’s Return (Complete All 9 Relic Ruins. The 9th Relic Ruins is a Side Quest called Nights of Lights)

[06:45] Legendary Spike Thrower The Skykiller (Complete The Way Home Side Quest)

[07:45] Legendary Hunter Bow Death-Seeker Shadow (80 Arena Medals)
Legendary Boltblaster The Blast Forge (80 Arena Medals)
Legendary Sharpshot Bow Forgefall (80 Arena Medals)
(Talk to Kalla and Complete Opening the Arena. Complete Challenges to Earn Arena Medals)

[08:39] Legendary Blastsling Wings of the Ten (Collect All 12 Black Boxes)

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