Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Horizon Forbidden West How to Get The Skykiller Legendary Spike Thrower. Legendary The Skykiller Spike Thrower Location in Horizon Forbidden West Best Spike Thrower You Can Get.

[00:00] How to Get The Skykiller Legendary Spike Thrower
[00:05] The Way Home Side Quest Location
[00:36] Go to the Shipwreck and Search the Scrap Piles for the Gyrocompass
[01:11] Return to Harriem & Kristia
[01:22] Go to the Ancient Shipwreck and Collect 3 Batteries + 1 Sensor Unit
[04:43] Go to the Coordinates of the Transmission & Kill the Dreadwing
[05:12] Gather the Sensor Unit
[06:00] Reward The Skykiller Legendary Spike Thrower

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Mr Alexander
Mr Alexander
1 year ago

Great guide, straight to the point. No random text spam to squeeze more adds in

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