How to Farm Gald Fast In Tales of Arise (Gald Farming Locations)

The Fastest Way To Farm Gald in Tales of Arise. This walkthrough will show you the Mult Ways to Farm Garm Fast in Tales of Arise. Tales of Arise Gald Tips.

► High Roller – Spend 400000 gald. In this party, if something’s for sale, it doesn’t stay that way for long.

[00:00] Fastest Way To Farm Gald In Tales of Arise
[00:22] Boss Fish – $3000
[00:27] Bienfu Lure Location (Golden Catfish)
[00:53] Alliance Marine Rod Location (3 Star Rod)
[01:15] Golden Catfish Location (Boss Fish)
[02:34] Gold Chunk – $3000
Platinum Dog Tag – $2500
Grape Gel – $2000
[02:53] Gold Chunk Farming Location
[03:28] Farming Location for Grape Gel & Platinum Dog Tag

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