How to Unlock Oh the Humanity Achievement in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Fate of a Fighter Quest Guide & Oh the Humanity Achievement

[00:00] You need to Complete this First before the Quest will unlock. Chapter II: Act II – Stillness the Sublimation of Shadow
[00:10] Fate of a Fighter Quest Location
[00:32] Defeat the Enemies then talk to Inaba Kyuuzou
[01:23] Clear out the Pirate Camp
12 Naku Weed Locations
[01:47] Naku Weed 1-10
[03:03] Naku Weed 11
[03:14] Naku Weed 12
[03:25] Give 12 Naku Weed to Inaba Kyuuzou
[03:41] Fast Forward time a day until 10 – 12
PLEASE NOTE!!! Part 1 is done. To start Part 2, you’ll need to defeat 4 group of enemies
[04:03] 1st group
[04:22] 2nd group
[04:41] 3rd group
[05:00] 4th group
[05:17] Read the Note where Inaba Kyuuzou was at
[05:52] Witness Inaba Kyuuzou’s Fate (Defeat all Enemies)
[06:02] Oh the Humanity Achievement


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