Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

All Simple Tomb Locations & Puzzle Guide in Genshin Impact. Yashiori Island Serpent’s Head Puzzle Guide. This walkthrough will unlock They Shall Not Grow Old Achievement.

[00:00] Collect 6 Dendrobium Locations
[00:44] 1/6 Simple Tomb Location
[01:16] 2/6 Simple Tomb Location
[01:49] 3/6 Simple Tomb Location
[02:28] 4/6 Simple Tomb Location
[03:02] 5/6 Simple Tomb Location
[03:45] Serpent’s Head Puzzle on Yashiori Island
[04:47] 6/6 Simple Tomb Location
[06:16] They Shall Not Grow Old Achievement
[06:35] Common Chest


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