Hyrule Warriors Switch 2018

Collectible Guides for each Scenario in Legend Mode

The Armies of Ruin

The Sheikah Tribesman

The Sorceress of the Woods

The Sorceress of the Valley

Land of Myth

Land of Twilight

The Shadow King

Land in the Sky

Sealed Ambition

The Sacred Sword

A War of Spirit

Shining Beacon

Ganondorf’s Return

March of the Demon King

Battle of the Triforce

Enduring Resolve

Liberation of the Triforce

The Water Temple

The Demon Lord

Darkness Falls

The Dragon of the Caves

The Invasion Begins

The Usurper King

The Girl in the Green Tunic

Powers Collide

The Demon Lord’s Plan

Her True Self

The Other Hero

A New Disturbance

The Search for Cia

Reclaiming the Darkness

Watchers of the Triforce













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