Immortals Fenyx Rising New Mount ARION in A New God DLC

Immortals Fenyx Rising How to Get New Mount ARION in A New God DLC. You need to get all 4 Hipposandals in order to unlock the chest. Each God in their region has a chest with hipposandal in it but it’s locked behind a small challenge. After you complete a certain amount of Trials, you’ll get a reward which is a new ability. That ability will help you complete the small challenge. 

[00:32] 1/4 Hipposandal – Athena’s Chest – Immortal Field Breaker
[01:00] 2/4 Hipposandal – Hephaistos’s Chest – Colossal Strength
[01:36] 3/4 Hipposandal – Aphrodite’s Chest – Phosphor’s Swap
[02:18] 4/4 Hipposandal – Ares’s Chest – Wind Gust
[02:47] Final Chest with the New Mount Arion (A New God DLC)


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Ken MacInnis
Ken MacInnis
1 year ago

Thanks for these guides! I’ve just started, and I’m wondering, how do you upgrade your health and stamina in the DLC?