Kao The Kangaroo 2022 Trophy Guide & Walkthrough

 Kao the Kangaroo is a beautiful 3D platformer jam-packed with fun, exploration, adventure, and mystery! Join Kao, the feisty furball, as he embarks on an unforgettable quest to uncover the secrets surrounding the disappearance of his father. He’ll traverse rich environments, filled with hazards, puzzles, and foes. Each turn uncovers another clue as well as revealing a secret world bubbling under the surface.

Full Set – Get all other trophies

…And lived happily ever after – Finish the game

Warm up – Complete the tutorial with Walt

Out of Bubblegum – Find and defeat Terror

Hopalloo Island – Terror’s Lair

Another day at the office – Defeat Jayabaya

The Hungry Jungle – The Jungle Throne

Reborn – Defeat The Oldest One

The Frozen Mountains – Temple of Spirits

Reunited – Beat The Eternal Warrior

The Isle of Eternity – The Eternal Chambers

KAO! – Collect the KAO letters on all levels

Kao The Kangaroo 2022 All Collectible Locations

Healthy – Unlock all extra heart slots

Kao The Kangaroo 2022 All Collectible Locations

Find’em All – Collect all the Kaopedia entries about Foes
Stinker – The Dark Forest & The Lava Caves
Frogster – The Dark Forest
Range Frogster – The Dark Forest
Terror – Terror’s Lair Boss Fight
Bongo – The Durian Valley
Buba, Guba, and Tuba – The Hungry Jungle
Glider – The Hungry Jungle
Fringer – The Frosty Canyon
Sheep Master – The Hot Springs
Piranha Keeper – The Hot Springs
Piranha – The Hot Springs
Pogo Bouncer – The Hot Springs
Beakster – The Sparkly Funfair
The Overseer – The Sparkly Funfair

Master Key – Collect all the runes

Kao The Kangaroo 2022 All Collectible Locations

Flawless Victory – Defeat one of the bosses without receiving any damage

Between Worlds – Find and complete all of the Eternal Wells

Kao The Kangaroo 2022 All Collectible Locations

Health Insurance – Have 20 lives in total

Each level has 1 to 2 Kao Lives. You can replay levels over and over again until you unlock or buy them for 500 Ducats

Fatality – Defeat five enemies at once with a finisher
Recommended Level to do this is The Dark Forest. Halfway through the level, you will see a lot of Frogster enemies before climbing a big skull face.

Mystery of the Volcano – Wear an outfit from Kao 3
Buy the Brown Hat – Top row 4th item for 750 Ducats
Buy the Brown Shirt – Bottom row 4th item for 750 Ducats


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