Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

Chapter 4 All Collectibles in Little Nightmares 2 All Hats & Glitching Remains Locations. Chapter 4 Collectibles are 2 Hats & 4 Glitching Remains. Little Nightmares 2 Chapter 4 All Collectibles (Hats & Glitching Remains).

[00:00] Little Nightmares 2 Chapter 4 All Collectibles (Hats & Glitching Remains)
[00:09] 1/4 Glitching Remains – At the Start after going through a window. It’s inside the sewer.
[00:53] 2/4 Glitching Remains – After using the key on the Elevator. Jump on top of the Elevator and go Left.
[02:15] 3/4 Glitching Remains – From the last Collectible. Go all the way to the Right and through a window.
[03:11] 1/2 Hats – After you get the Remote Control for the TV
[04:06] 4/4 Glitching Remains – After you use the Clothes Hanger Zipline for the First time
[04:55] 2/2 Hats – Inside the Grocery Store with the Shopping Cart.

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