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Marvel’s Avengers Review 

 Welcome to my Marvel’s Avengers review. Let’s start with the one question that everyone is asking. What is Marvel’s Avengers? Marvel’s Avengers is an epic, third-person, action-adventure game. Based on the Marvel Comics superhero team the Avengers. The game features an original cinematic story for single-player. I recommend completing the story campaign first. Afterward, the game opens up to four players online co-operative gameplay. Developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix. Crystal Dynamics was founded in 1992 and based in the San Francisco Bay area. It was acquired by Eidos Interactive in 1998. Square Enix’s acquisition of Eidos in 2009 which later became Square Enix. Crystal Dynamics is best known for the Tomb Raiders series.

 Marvel’s Avengers features 6 iconic heroes with powerful skills, heroic abilities, and unique gear to adjust to your personal playstyle. There will be new post-launch Heroes available to all Marvel’s Avengers owners at No additional cost. These new characters will add to the main story campaign and continue the narrative world forward. Kate Bishop is the first post-launch hero to be announced. RUMOR’s future heroes are said to be the following Ant-Man, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Falcon, Mar’Vell, Mockingbird, Quake, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Wasp, and Winter Soldier. Although these are rumor characters, I’m excited to see that we might have the opportunity to play them. Spider-Man is another hero coming in 2021 but he will be exclusive to PlayStation only.

 Let’s talk about the 6 starting heroes. First Ms. Marvel, Kamale Khan is a young smart Pakistani American woman with an optimistic personality. She is the first Muslim character to headline her own comic book. Her first appearance was in Captain Marvel #14 back in August 2013. The game changes her origin story slightly by exposing her to Terrigen Mist during A-Day within the first hour of the game. This activated the Inhuman genes within her. Ms. Marvel is a great support character. One of her heroic ability is called Healing Spirit. When upgraded, Healing Spirit can have up to 3 charges that will restore Willpower for you, and your teammates plus will automatically revive downed teammates. I go into more detail with Ms. Marvel in the link below with the Best Gear, Skills, & Abilities.

 The second is Thor, Asgardian god of thunder who possesses Mjolnir, an enchanted hammer which grants him the ability to fly and manipulate the weather. His first appearance was in Journey into Mystery #83 back in August 1962. Thor is a balanced character and can be good with either Melee or Ranged. One of my favorite things to do is to throw Mjolnir at a touch enemy and pin them to the wall. Plus he is 1 of 2 characters capable of flying. This makes searching and exploring the open-world easier. I go into more detail with Thor in the link below with the Best Gear, Skills, & Abilities.

 The third is Iron Man, Tony Stark a billionaire, genius, inventor, philanthropist. He was the world’s leading weapons manufacturer and developed his Iron Man armor and helped found the Avengers. His first appearance was in Tales of Suspense #39 back in March 1963. Iron Man is a good Range character and can switch between Repulsors, Lasers, or Rockets. His Ultimate Heroic ability is the Hulkbuster. Hulkbuster’s Magno-Missile Barrage is my go-to skill to eliminate enemies quickly. Plus he is 1 of 2 characters capable of flying. This makes searching and exploring the open-world easier. I go into more detail with Iron Man in the link below with the Best Gear, Skills, & Abilities.

 The fourth is Captain America, Steve Rogers was part of a secret initiative from the US government. Injected with an experimental Super-Soldier Serum that gave him the peak potential of human strength, endurance, and dexterity. Famous for the red, white, and blue uniform and vibranium shield. His first appearance was in Captain America Comics #1 back in March 1941. Captain America is a good Melee character. His Ultimate Heroic ability is the Brooklyn Brawler. The build I have for Captain America can extend the Brooklyn Brawler past a minute or more. Out of the 6, he is my favorite when it comes to hand to hand combat. I go into more detail with Captain America in the link below with the Best Gear, Skills, & Abilities.

 The fifth is Hulk, Dr. Bruce Banner a brilliant but meek scientist. A massive dose of gamma radiation transforms the doctor into the jade giant known as the Hulk. Hulk is a rage-fueled beast with superhuman strength, endurance, and durability. His first appearance was in The Incredible Hulk back in May 1962. Hulk is a good Melee / Tank character. The Hulk is the strongest out of the 6 and can hit above 200K. I go into more detail with Hulk in the link below with the Best Gear, Skills, & Abilities.

 The sixth is Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff raised in the top-secret Soviet Red Room program. Black Widow is a dangerous super spy and master in the arts of espionage, subversion, and combat. Her first appearance was in Tales of Suspense #52 back in April 1964. Black Widow is a balanced character and can be good with either Melee or Ranged and can switch between Pistol, Full-Auto, or High-Caliber Shot. I prefer playing Black Widow from Range. Her shots can easily Stun enemies for a quick n easy Takedown. I go into more detail with Black Widow in the link below with the Best Gear, Skills, & Abilities. 

 Let’s go over the Pros and Cons of the game. Starting with the Cons. As of recently, Patch V1.3.0 addresses over 1000 issues that have surfaced during the first 2 weeks of launch. 1000 issues is a lot even though I didn’t run into that many issues. Mainly things like 1 to 2 times my game crashed, characters or enemies were glitched of the environment. I never ran into anything groundbreaking and keep in mind that I played through all 6 characters fully leveling them up and made a build guide for each one. Just because I didn’t run into anything serious doesn’t mean there wasn’t any. Here’s the link to the patch notes so you can read them for yourself.  Many will say the game is repetitive which can be hard to argue. 90% of the new games released today are repetitive or short. I recommend switching to a different character ever so often so you don’t get bored. I will say the AI can be a little dumb, annoying, and frustrating hopefully this will improve over time. 

 Moving on to the Pros. To my surprise, all 6 characters are balanced extremely well. I was expecting something like the Hulk has way too much power and another character is too weak. But to my pleasant surprise, every character felt equally balance and reliable to play on their own. Personally I like how only one person can pick Hulk to play instead of a full team of 4 Hulks. I think that would be a little chaotic lol. It’s nice to know that we will be getting a new character every so often and it will be free. Plus you will be able to upgrade to the next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X for free. The game has matchmaking which is better to play with then the AI. I have enough friends who have the game which makes the game even better. I enjoy the Story Campaign which can be up to 10 to 12 hrs. 

Overall I definitely enjoy the game and I highly recommend this game.

The official release date is Sept 4, 2020, and is priced at $59.99/£54.99

This game gets my seal of approval! 

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