Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

Monster Hunter Rise How to Get All Secret Armor Set. MH Rise has 11 Secret Armor Set to find.

Meowcenaries Secret Materials
[01:49] Jelly Armor – Goth Jelly (Lava Cavern)
[02:41] Chaos Armor – Shadeshrooms (Shrine Ruins)
[03:15] Edel Armor – Stargazer Bloom (Frost Islands)
[03:49] Death Stench Armor – Sinister Darkcloth (Sandy Plains)
[04:30] Mosgharl Armor – Omegapumpking (Flooded Forest)

The Argosy Trade Request Secret Materials
[05:04] Melahoa Armor – Dosbiscus (Seed)
[05:28] Makluva Armor – Springnight Carp (Seed)
[05:54] Shell Studded Armor – Dreamshell (Bug)
[06:19] Rhopessa Armor – Butterfly Beetle (Bug)
[06:48] Vaik Armor – Armored Bream (Plant)
[07:17] Spio Armor – Toxic Kumori (Plant)


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