Monster Hunter Rise Tips & Tricks

Monster Hunter Rise Tips and Tricks for New Players (Monster Hunter Rise Tips & Tricks) MH Rise Tips.

Recommended Settings
[00:17] Player Silhouette
[00:40] Button Hold Setting
[01:05] Camera Style
The Fastest Way to Farm Zenny
[02:00] Get Geologist Skill to Level 3
[02:35] High Rank Expedition Tour in the Lava Cavern Upsurge Mining Outcrops
[03:02] Change the Map to Gathering and Farm Mining Outcrops
[03:52] Go to the Item Box and Sell
$$$ Now that you’re Filthy Rich $$$
[04:15] Buy the Powercharm & Armorcharm
Free Reward after every Quest
[04:40] Craft the Powertalon & Armortalon
[05:16] Melding Pot – Wisp of Mystery
[06:24] Cohoot Nest in the Buddy Plaza (Lagniapple)
New Palamutes
[07:00] Sharpen your Weapon while Riding your Dog
New Gadget Wirebug
[07:38] Hand – Dash – Wall Run
[08:08] Bombs Away & Dash Recovery
Switch Skills
[08:47] How to Unlock the 3 Switch Skills
Wyvern Riding
[10:15] Wyvern Riding Tips
[11:03] Buddy Scout & Housekeeper
[11:38] Press B to Skip End Battle Cutscene


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