Mortal Shell Review

Mortal Shell Review

Welcome to my Mortal Shell review. Let’s start with the one question that everyone is asking. What is Mortal Shell? Mortal Shell is an Action-RPG by the indie studio Cold Symmetry and published by Playstack. Mortal Shell is Unforgiving and will test your sanity and resilience. It’s best described as a Souls-like game. There aren’t the traditional armor pieces like most games but instead they 4 different types of shells. After you find them, you can switch out to any one of them at the Fallgrim Tower. Each of the shells has its own unique abilities and their Health/Stamina varies depending on which one. The two Shells I liked are Tiel and Eredrim. Tiel has low health but high stamina. Eredrim is a tank with high health but low stamina. There are 4 different types of weapons. Hallowed Sword is the first weapon is get. This is a traditional basic sword good for starting out. Martyr’s Blade is a two-handed sword. Slower but the sword has the range which makes it easier to keep your distance from enemies. This weapon has a unique cold ability. Smoldering Mace has a long reach with a wide swing. Great when fighting against multiple enemies. This weapon has a unique fire ability. Hammer and Chisel is a fast weapon that uses low stamina. Short-range and with low damage. This weapon is similar to twin daggers in other games.  I liked using the Martyr’s Blade and the Hallowed Sword.

Starting out the game is tough especially if you’re not used to Souls-like games. It doesn’t have a traditional block but instead, it has harden. Hardening prevents you from taking damage and pauses your attacks and movement. Getting hit will knock you out of Harden but if you swing your weapon beforehand then after the hit you’ll continue your swing and damage your opponent. This is key to survival and defeating bosses. At first, I didn’t like that there wasn’t a block mechanic in the game. I adapted and I learn how to use harden to my best abilities. Looking back, I don’t mind that there isn’t a block mechanic in the game. I like harden and makes the game unique compare to other games like this.  The game has Parry which you can unlock at the start. Oddly enough I didn’t use parry as much as I probably should have.

My experience with the game was definitely good. I took my time learning enemy attacks and movement. I have platinum all the Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and both Nioh. If you want to compare how difficult the platinum is. I would say Mortal Shell is the easiest out of them all except for one trophy/achievement. Forever Alone – Beat the game without ever bonding with a shell. This is the hardest trophy/achievement in the game and will test your ability to survive. One hit and you’re dead. No shell has very little health but a ton of stamina. One plus is there are only 5 bosses you need to defeat so it’s not impossible just hard.

The official release date is August 18, 2020, and is priced at $29.99/£24.99

The game is not long at all but it’s priced right because of it. The game has definitely caught my interest and I can’t wait to see a sequel. At first, the only way you can purchase the game is digital but they had overwhelming requests for a physical copy that will be available October 2 2020.

There is plenty to do in the game. 19 Inscriptions and 17 Etchings to find that will add to the story and lore. 78 items throughout the game. My Youtube channel is there for you if you need help with anything in the game. I posted a Trophy Guide link below for anyone that wants to get 100%.

Mortal Shell Trophy Guide

This game gets my seal of approval! 

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