Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl How to Complete the Pokedex

How to Complete Sinnoh Pokedex in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Missing Pokemon Locations. This walkthrough will show you How to Complete your Sinnoh Pokedex so you can get the National Pokedex.

[00:00] No. 036 Cranidos (Diamond) or Shieldon (Pearl)
In the Underground you need to Dig up a Skull Fossil

[01:58] No. 045 Burmy – Honey Tree – You need to put Honey on the Tree and Wait 6 hrs for a Pokemon to Spawn

[02:28] No. 062 Heracross – Honey Tree (Same as Burmy but Rare)

[03:19] No. 046 Wormadam – Evolve a Female Burmy at Lvl 20 or Beauty Devon Route 214

PLEASE NOTE! The next 3 you need to go to Canalave City. Talk to Sailer and go to the Iron Island.
[04:08] No. 059 Cherrim – Evolve a Cherubi Lvl 25 or Iron Island battle Picnicker Summer

[05:28] No. 070 Haunter – Evolve a Gastly Lvl 25 or Iron Island battle Brenda & Jonah

[07:00] No. 115 Riolu – Help Riley to Get a Egg (Iron Island)

[08:23] No. 065 Drifloon – On Friday Only right outside Valley Windworks

[09:32] No. 114 Unown – Solaceon Ruins

[10:42] Pick up the Good Rod

[11:03] No. 134 Finneon – Fish for it on Route 219

[12:05] No. 136 Tentacool – Route 219

[13:12] No. 135 Lumineon – Route 223 Swimmer Miranda

[14:02] No. 146 Uxie – Acuity Cavern in the Middle of Lake Acuity

[15:25] No. 147 Mesprit – Middle of Lake Verity. It will run away so you need to get the Marking Map app to catch it

[18:30] No. 148 Azelf – Valor Cavern in the middle of Lake Valor

[19:57] No. 149 Dialga or
No. 150 Palkia – Cynthia’s Grandmother in Celestic Town

[20:43] No. Manaphy – Mystery Gift from the TV Station

[23:07] Go to Sandgem Town and talk to Rowan in the Research Lab to get the National Pokedex

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