Riders Republic Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

Riders Republic Tips. Riders Republic New Players Guide for the Best Gear, 1st Place Ranking, and More.

[00:09] All 11 Relic Locations – Beat Gear to Get Early
[00:45] Complete Daily Contracts from your Sponsors to unlock Expert Gear
[01:32] How to Get Some Extra Points during Trick Events – This will help you come in 1st Place
[02:38] Practice in the Arena, Playground, and Parks
[03:34] Tricks you want to Practice first at the Tricks Academy
[05:00] Leveling up your Careers Pro – Expert – Elite
[06:08] Time of Day – 3D
[06:38] Go to Manual asap for Landing & Grind
[07:05] Press R3 for 1st Person Mode

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