Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

How to Get Yuito Ultimate Weapon Otori in Scarlet Nexus. The Best Weapon for Yuito is the Otori. Scarlet Nexus Yuito Ultimate Weapon Location Guide.

[00:00] Step 1 – Complete the Game (To unlock the Weapon)
[00:08] You need to Exchange for the Weapon
[00:26] Purchase the Yasutsuna Dojigirl for 5K

Go to Mizuhagawa – Construction Site
[00:36] Buddy Rummy Analysis Location

Go to Kunad Highway – Suoh Exit or Junction
[01:06] Battle Record S Location
[02:00] Rut-type Suppression + Location

[02:39] Phantom Art “Phoenix and Moth” Document (Complete the Game)
[03:03] Exchange at the Shop to get the Best Weapon for Yuito Otori


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