Shining Resonance Refrain Trophy Guide

Shining Resonance Refrain Trophy Guide

Approximate amount of time to :  73 hrs is my total time

Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 if you start the game in Refrain Mode

Number of missable trophies: 2 please see Wheel of Fortune and Quelled Dragon

Does difficulty affect trophies: No. Difficulty options are Casual or Standard

Shining Resonance Refrain Trophy Guide.
Shining Resonance Refrain remasters the original Shining Resonance, previously released on PS3 only in Japan. Sega announced that the game would receive an English language release for the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The game was release on July 10, 2018. Shining Resonance Refrain packs a new Refrain Mode, unlocking the Imperial Princess Excella and Dragonslayer Jinas as party members for a new experience – just be sure to save this for your second play through to avoid any spoilers!

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Shining Resonance Refrain – Obtained all trophies. 
Collect all other trophies in Shining Resonance Refrain to unlock the Platinum.

Pioneer of Alfheim – Collected 200 different Materials.

Each enemies drop 2 to 3 items. There are a number of variants of enemies.

Continental Round Trip! – Visited every location on the map.

Automatic story-related trophy. You will unlock this close to the end of the game.

Alchemaniac – Synthesized 50 different items or Aspect Pieces.

Rapple’s Workshop -You can use materials at Rapple’s Workshop to synthesize items and Aspect Pieces. With Items Synthesis, he will create potions and materials that will be useful on your journeys. With Aspect Synthesis, he will create Aspect Pieces that will come in handy in battle.

Super Synthesis  – Synthesized a rare Aspect Piece.

Angel Contract – I was able to Synthesize this rare aspect piece close to the end of the game when it was available.

The Tune Heard ‘Round the World – Collected all Tunings.

1. Please see Requiem for the Enemy. There is 7 Monsters you need to kill and each monster drop a Tuning.

2. Please see Maestro. When you raise a character Tuning to the highest rank (Level 30), you will unlock a couple Tunings. Do this for each character.

3. Tunings can be obtained by fulfilling all requests from Fernando.

4. Below is a list of Sigil to buy from the Item Shop for 10k Gold. You can add a Sigil to the Grimoire Dungeon’s Bookmark. Each Sigil has a Special Reward that is a Tuning. When you complete the dungeon, you will have a chance to receive a tuning. It might take a couple attempt to get the tuning.

Magician’s Eye
Imperial Ninja
Berserker Blade
Beowulf’s Revenge
Shining Priestess
Shining Princess
Magician Knight
Bullet Witch
Imperial Blade

Maestro – Raised any Tuning to the highest rank.

Tunings have proficiencies. The more you use one in combat, the more its proficiency will increase. You can also inject the energy of a Dragon Score to greatly increase proficiency. Level 30 is the highest rank.

Knight of Astoria – Won your first battle.

Dragoneer, Forward! – Defeated 500 monsters.

Dragoneer, Charge! – Defeated 1000 monsters.

Dragoneer, Awaken! – Defeated 2000 monsters.

2,000 monsters sounds like a lot.  While leveling a character up to 100 for Dragon Tough, you will unlock this.

Hit Maker – Achieved a 99-hit combo.

How to Achieved a 99 hit Combo - Video Guide


B.A.N.D Member – Performed a B.A.N.D session for the first time.

B.A.N.D session – You can use “B.A.N.D.”- the Battle Anthem of the Noble Dragoneers – by pressing and selecting it from the menu. At least one bar of the BPM (Battle Performance Mana) meter is required to perform a B.A.N.D. session.

Center Stage – Performed a B.A.N.D session with each character as the Center.

There are 9 characters that can be the Center of a B.A.N.D Session. 2 of them are DLC Characters that are only available in Refrain Mode.

How to Unlock Center Stage - Video Guide


Dragon Soul Inheriter – Used Dragonshift for the first time.

Dragonshift – When Yuma release the power of the Shining Dragon, he can perform a Dragonshift. When controlling Yuma, hold  and press  to transform into a dragon. The Shining Dragon’s MP will gradually deplete over time. Hold   and press  to change from the Shining Dragon back to Yuma. Use Dragonshift appropriately, keeping track of your remaining MP.

Quelled Dragon – Quelled the Shining Dragon from a berserk state.

*Missable Trophy* When the Shining Dragon’s form has evolved, he will not go into berserk in this form.
B.A.N.D. sessions can be used to calm the Shining Dragon when he is out of control. Get this Trophy done as soon as you learn B.A.N.D.  If you try to perform an action when MP is low or fully depleted, the Shining Dragon may go berserk.

How to Unlock Quelled Dragon - Video Guide


Dragonshift Tour – Won over 100 battles using Dragonshift.

Please see Dragon Soul Inheriter for more info.

Swift Conductor – Triggered 10 advantageous encounters.

Advantageous Encounters are likely to happen when encountering the enemy from behind, without being noticed.

Advancing Melody – Won a battle without taking damage.

Sound of Silence – Won a battle with a party member incapacitated.

Dragon Tough – Raised any party member to level 100.

How to Level up Fast (High Exp) - Video Guide

How to Level up Fast Part 2 - Video Guide


First Break – Triggered a Break for the first time.

Breaking – Continuously hitting an enemy with Break Attacks  or Force Attacks can put the enemy in a state of immobility. This state is called Break. While the enemy is in a Broken state, its defense is lowered, allowing massive amounts of damage to be dealt.

Guard Breaker – Triggered a Break on blocking enemies 30 times.

Lizard Man a type of lizard located in the Elmore Greatwood, Guard Skeleton a strong-boned skeleton located in the Mount Glanciel or Shield wielding Imperial enemies located in the Gaelritz Prison. These are a couple enemies that you can break while they are blocking.

Flow Breaker – Triggered a Break on casting enemies 30 times.

Marasmius a mushroom monster located in the Ladlum Caverns, Lantern a jellyfish-like spirit located in the Elmore Greatwood or Shadow a mass of hatred located in the Sleepy Hollow. These are a couple enemies that you can break while they are casting.

Resonance Forte – Triggered a Resonance 30 times.

Resonance – During combat, an ally may trigger an instance of Resonance. The character who Resonates will support the player in various ways. The way they support the player will change depending on the Bond that is currently set. The stronger a character’s bond is, the more likely they are to Resonate.

Force Medley – Used Force abilities 100 times.

Force Abilities – Magic and techniques that consume MP are called Force abilities. Every Force ability has a required cast time to activate it. Hold   and press any of the buttons displayed on the screen to perform the move. You can set up to four Force abilities in the Force Menu to use in combat.

You’re Going Down – Defeated a rare monster.

Defeated a Rare Monster - Video Guide


Requiem for the Enemy – Defeated powerful foes throughout Alfheim.

Glaucus Falls – Urd
Djingharna Ruins – Chaos Blood
Gaelritz Prison – Abyss Dragon
Gaelritz Prison – Shadow Knight
Fort Garahl, Stronghold of the Empire – Vortec
Old Castle Theater – Mad Bull
Logos Tundra – Hell Master

How to Unlock Requiem for the Enemy - Video Guide


Moonlit Overture – Completed Opus 1.
Automatic story-related trophy

Etude of the Dragoneers – Completed Opus 2.
Automatic story-related trophy

Ricordanza of Souls – Completed Opus 3.
Automatic story-related trophy

Golden Sonata – Completed Opus 4.
Automatic story-related trophy

Oratorio of Betrayal – Completed Opus 5.
Automatic story-related trophy

Capriccio of the Strong – Completed Opus 6.
Automatic story-related trophy

Fairy Elegy – Completed Opus 7.
Automatic story-related trophy

Shining Concerto – Completed Opus 8.
Automatic story-related trophy

What is Love? – Viewed Kirika’s ending.                     Please see Prelude of Love for more info

Noble Lovers – Viewed Sonia’s ending.                      Please see Prelude of Love for more info

Countin’ on Ya – Viewed Agnum’s ending.                Please see Prelude of Love for more info

Battle to Help Others – Viewed Lestin’s ending.     Please see Prelude of Love for more info

Happy Together – Viewed Marion’s ending.             Please see Prelude of Love for more info

Pampering – Viewed Rinna’s ending.                         Please see Prelude of Love for more info

Equals – Viewed Jinas’s ending in Refrain mode.      Please see Prelude of Love for more info

Prelude of Love – Viewed Excella’s ending in Refrain mode.

You need a minimum of 4 Date Event around the town to unlock a character’s ending. Before the final boss fight, you can Invite 1 person for a final talk. As long as the character has a heart above their head, you can unlock their Ending. After you completed the game and seen the credits, the game will allow you to save. When you reload the save, the game will bring you back just before the final boss fight. You will need to completed the game 8x in order to unlock all character endings.

How to Unlock All Character Endings - Video Guide


Heart to Heart – Triggered your first night event.

Night Events – When you invite a character who you want to be closer with, a Night Event can occur. Night Events are opportunities to become closer with your companions.

First Date – Went on your first date.

Asking Out – After making plans to go on a date, you can go on that date on a later day. A date starts when you Invite the character you made plans with.

First Date - Video Guide


Know Others, Know Thyself – Acquired 100 different Traits.

I able to unlock this before the end of the game. There are several different ways to acquire a Trait.

1. Story Procession – Automatically acquired at certain points in the game.
2. Side Quest for Playable character
3. Night Time Events
4. Date Events
5. Talking with Playable character
6. Treasure chest have them in the wild
7. Unlock when players equip Maid Outfit

Wheel of Fortune – Fulfilled the wishes of the two and spoke to the orchestrator of Refrain.

*Missable Trophy* If you use the Glass Slipper & Full Moon Sigil before getting Excella & Jinus’s Endings. This will void the trophy. Don’t use those two Sigils until you unlock Wheel of Fortune.

How to Unlock Wheel of Fortune - Video Guide


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hello..for the collect all tuning trophy..can we do it on the original mode? or we need all characters tunings including jinas and excella?


I still have both jinas and excelled trophy’s, as well as both their endings. Why won’t the achievement unlock?