Sat. Sep 2nd, 2023

Starfield Tapping The Grid Mission & Starfield Alternating Currents Mission All Endings

[00:00] Available in The Well – Activities Investigate Brown-Outs
Location – Alpha Centauri – Jemison – New Atlantis
[00:24] First Mission is called Tapping The Grid
[00:38] Go to the Well and talk to Louisa
[01:38] Activate the Junction Box 1/4
[02:17] Activate the Junction Box 2/4
[03:02] Activate the Junction Box 3/4
[03:26] Activate the Junction Box 4/4
[04:14] Power Down the Junction Box Puzzle
[05:03] Talk to Louisa to complete this mission
[06:30] Talk to Louisa to Start the 2nd Mission Called Alternating Currents
[10:47] Go to the Next Junction Box
[11:46] Locate the Next One Close By
[12:25] Last Junction Box Location
[14:24] Find Evidence – Download File
[16:55] The Mission is done but it has 2 Endings
[17:17] Deliver Evidence to Zoe Ending
[19:00] Deliver Evidence to Louisa Ending

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