Mon. Sep 4th, 2023

How to Craft the Monochrome Spiral in Tales of Arise All Material Locations. The Best Weapon for Shionne is the Monochrome Spiral. This walkthrough will show how to get all Materials you need for the Monochrome Spiral.

[00:00] How to Craft the Monochrome Spiral
Please Note! You need to the Sub-Quest called The Spirit Temple & Another Hillside Anomaly
[00:32] The Spirit Temple Sub-Quest Location
[01:39] Another Hillside Anomaly Location
Please Note! After the 2 Sub-Quests. You’ll start a new quest called Otherworldly Visitors which will unlock the Otherworld
[02:45] Granite Fragment Location (Magmalem Location)
[03:19] Gloaming Crystal Location (Punisher Location)
[03:55] Rending Titanfang Location (Hunter Wolf Location)
[04:29] Rending Titanfang Location (Bee Prisma Location)
[05:01] Dragon Scale Location (Ignite Dragon Location)
[05:38] Best Weapon for Shionne Monochrome Spiral

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