Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

How to Level Up Fast in Tales of Arise. This walkthrough will show you the Fastest Way to Level Up in Tales of Arise and How to Get All the EXP Boost from Recipes and an Artifact. Tales of Arise EXP Tips.

► Peak Strength – Reach level 100. Dahna’s liberators now stand tall and mighty having come from rock bottom.

[00:00] The Fastest Way To Level Up In Tales of Arise
[00:35] EXP Boost Small – Sashimi Recipe Location
[01:01] EXP Boost Med – Fish Steak Recipe Location – Sub-Quest Pelegion’s Zeugle Mascot
[02:14] EXP Boost Large – Sushi Recipe Location – Sub-Quest Untamable Rage
[04:05] Super EXP Boost – Golden Suit of Armor Location – Sub-Quest Spirit Temple
[05:21] EXP Farming Location – Sub-Quest Another Hillside Anomaly & Otherworldly Vistors. The 2 Quests will unlock a new area called the Other World

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