The Last of Us Part 2 Review

The Last of Us Part 2 Review 

 Welcome to my The Last of Us Part 2 review. Let’s start with the one question that everyone is asking. What is The Last of Us Part 2? The Last of Us Part 2 is a third-person action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog exclusively for Playstation. Naughty Dog was acquired by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2001 and is best known for Jak and Daxter, Uncharted Series, and The Last of Us. The story will be taking 5 years after the events of the first game, and Ellie is now 19 years old and both her and Joel are living in Jackson, Wyoming.

 It has been 7 years since the original Last of Us and there are some notable changes. The most important change is the protagonist is now Ellie instead of Joel. Ellie will have an Infinite Switchblade. In the original Last of Us, there was one way to kill a clicker: craft a shiv, creep up, and stab it in the neck, having used it in tight situations. Last of Us Part 2 will not use shivs, and Ellie will use a switchblade to down enemies instead. Unlike shivs, Ellie’s switchblade is unbreakable, so Naughty Dog ramp up the challenge of killing an Infected A.I. You will need to move ever-so-slowly when approaching Clickers to close in on them. Clickers are a lot faster than they were in the prior game, so messing up is way more deadly. So this nice that the Switchblade is unbreakable since this is her signature weapon. But on the other hand, we will need to be careful in areas with infected AI.

 Ellie can swim for herself now. In the first game, Ellie was unable to swim in The Last Of Us. She relied on Joel to squeeze in between the pipes and the wall to find a wood pallet to throw down to her. Ellie can now swim, so puzzles surrounding pallets are gone. You can find a rope to swing across gaps or reach higher ledges. So the Story will be 5 years after the events from the first game, and Ellie is now 19 years old. So sometime within the 5 years, she learns how to swim. 

 The biggest addition to the gameplay is a dedicated “jump button”. Having a jump button will help to leap over gaps, hop over fences, or reach higher ledges. This allows you to get to higher vantage points to scope out hostile areas, or simply explore the world to find more supplies. Seeing as Ellie is a much younger character than Joel, it makes sense for her to have more agile. Naughty Dog has confirmed that the added offered the ability to make levels much more open, which should help make each decision feels like it matters more. This design approach means players could miss out on certain plots if they don’t take enough time to explore more.

 Ellie can also go Prone. You can now drop to the ground by holding Circle. This will allow her to hide under cars and use the tall grass as cover against her enemies. Quickly breaking line of sight, crawling through small passages, or keeping a low profile. The Prone option will drastically change stealth. Ellie can now lie prone on the ground and crawl to move around. While in this position, the player will have access to all their weapons, items, crafting, everything while in that position. This will create so many opportunities in gameplay. However, the enemy A.I. can detect Ellie if they check under a truck. They can pull her out from underneath to try and kill her so you still have to be careful.

 Another move Ellie can do is Dodge. One of Ellie’s new abilities allows her to dodge incoming close attacks. Similar to how Resident Evil 3 added the dodge mechanic. Probably one of the best feature resident Evil has ever added. This feature will be critical when you are fighting multiple enemies at the same time. Developers have said with the dodge and anytime you’re in a scuffle, you have a chance to get away or to counterattack. The option to escape is always available. Sometimes you just got to run. Especially when there are way too many enemies. Dodging enemy gunfire or a swing from a machete, You can use the mechanic to avoid taking damage rather than blocking. Dodging was especially handy when evading surprise Stalker attacks or just to avoid that instant-killing grab animation from Clickers. Dodging should make you feel far more confident in any combat scenario.

 I enjoy my experience with the Last of Us Part 2. The options between stealth or combat. I like to approach every area filled with enemies stealth first. I use my bow first because you have a chance to recover arrows after a successful headshot. If you have enough materials then you can craft new arrows. If you get caught then quickly take out those enemies. You might only need to take out a couple. But be careful because the enemy will alert other enemies to your location. If you get overrun then the next best option is to run. With the Infected, you want to sneak up behind them and take them down. But you will need to move slower so you don’t get caught. I like to have a couple of Molotov on me just in case I get caught. Most Infected are weak to fire. Another part of stealth I recommend to do. When you are sneaking up behind an enemy. Make sure you grab them then drag them to a spot behind cover or in the tall grass before you stealth kill them. This will make it easier going through the area in stealth by hiding the body versus leaving it out in the open for another enemy to find. If you get caught then there is a nice little trick you can do. Use an enemy as a shield. If there is more than one enemy patrolling. Most likely you are going to get caught stealth killing one of the two. You can grab one of them and use that one as a shield then take the other one out. Now, this will probably attract more enemies but in certain situations, you might find it useful to grab an enemy and use them as a shield.

 In certain sections of the game, it will have guard dogs. Enemies will use trained dogs to track and try to kill Ellie. This does not mean you will be forced to kill the dog. There are several different ways to get past the area with dogs without killing them. Even if you get jumped by a dog, you will have a moral choice to flee or take it out. Here are a couple of tips to get past them. 1st use the Listen Mode to locate all enemies and dogs. This will also show your scent trail that dogs can track. 2nd try to take out the dog handler in stealth. 3rd throw a bottle or brick to distract the dog. And Last you can simply just run away.

              SPOILER WARNING BELOW!!!

 In the next section of this review, I will be talking about some major SPOILERS. It is almost impossible to give an honest opinion about the game without talking about a major spoiler that happens within the first hour of the game. If you have played the game up to chapter 7 already then you will know what I’m talking about. 

                  LAST SPOILER WARNING!!!

 Let me first start off by saying, I enjoyed the game and I don’t regret buying it at all. The moments that I have had with Ellie and Joel are priceless. The graphics and gameplay have been improved greatly but keep in mind the original was on the PS3 and sequel is on the PS4 so this expected. FINALLY THE SPOILER PART!!! Within the first hour of the game, Naughty Dog kills our beloved character, Joel. This in my opinion was a big mistake. I get what they were trying to do with the story but it happened way too early in the game. The game has 46 chapters and if you wanted to kill Joel so bad then why not do this at least halfway through the game. The worst part is how the trailers were advertising and making it look like Joel was going to be joining Ellie on her journey through the game. I remember 1 cutscene where they bait and switch us with Joel in it but in the game that cutscene had Jesse instead. I honestly felt cheated. I thought the roles were going to be reversed and this time around the main protagonist is Ellie and Joel would be supporting her. They could have easily done this by rearranging the chapters better. What makes matters even worst is the 2nd half of the game, Abby. One can argue that Abby is a great addition to the game. But it was hard to connect with her when she is the one that shatters your dreams within the first hour of the game. I really think they drop the ball with Abby and its because of how they arranged the chapters. She has a good back story that makes sense but they needed to tell this story earlier so that the player can connect with her better. Plus most of Abby gameplay was the 2nd half of the game. I would have preferred it to be shorter. This way there would have been more interactions with Ellie and Joel. I have an open mind so I understand what Naughty Dog was trying to do and the story that they were trying to tell. 

 Overall I enjoyed the game. My experience with Ellie was some of the best moments in the game especially with the flashbacks with Joel. I still recommend that you try the game but it’s up to you if you wait for a sale or not. My Youtube channel is there for you if you need help with anything in the game. I posted a Trophy Guide link below for anyone that wants to get 100%.

The official release date is June 19, 2020, and is priced at $59.99/£54.99

This game gets my seal of approval! 

The Last Of Us 2 Trophy Guide


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