The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD All Piece of Heart Locations

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD All Piece of Heart Locations. This walkthrough will show you All 24 Piece of Heart Locations in Skyward Sword HD.

[00:00] 1/24 Piece of Heart (Faron Woods 1st Visit)
[00:54] 2/24 Piece of Heart (Deep Woods 1st Visit / Goddess Cube)

[01:49] 3/24 Piece of Heart (Pumpkin Landing)
[03:08] 4/24 Piece of Heart (Skyview Temple)

[04:10] 5/24 Piece of Heart (Eldin Volcano 1st Visit)
[05:34] 6/24 Piece of Heart (Eldin Volcano 1st Visit / Goddess Cube)
PLEASE NOTE!!! You can’t get the Piece of Heart until you get the Water Dragon’s Scale

[07:44] 7/24 Piece of Heart (Lanayru Desert Gorge / Goddess Cube)
[11:01] 8/24 Piece of Heart (Lanayru Desert 1st Visit)
[12:01] Goddess Chest with the Piece of Heart from 7/24

[12:24] 9/24 Piece of Heart (Faron Woods / Bomb)
[13:02] 10/24 Piece of Heart (Faron Woods / Goddess Cube)

[15:32] Goddess Chest with the Piece of Heart from 6/24

[16:20] 11/24 Piece of Heart (Skyloft / Need Clawshots)

[17:16] 12/24 Piece of Heart (Lanayru Sand Sea / Pirate Stronghold / Goddess Cube)
[18:38] 13/24 Piece of Heart (Lanayru Sand Sea / Sandship)
[21:34] Goddess Chest with the Piece of Heart from 12/24

[22:20] 14/24 Piece of Heart (Volcano Summit 1st Visit / Goddess Cube)

[23:46] 15/24 Piece of Heart (Fire Sanctuary / Catch Plats)
[25:56] 16/24 Piece of Heart (Volcano Summit / Mogma Mitts)

[26:36] 17/24 Piece of Heart (Sealed Grounds / Harp) PLEASE NOTE!!! Draw the Shape Gorko wants you to.

Please Note!!! This next section are a Bunch of Side Quests
[28:30] 18/24 Piece of Heart (Complete Beedle’s Insert Cage Side Quest) This will give you 1 item for half price so the Heart Piece will cost 800 Rupees instead of 1600. To Start the Quest, Talk to Strich on Bug Rock then go to Sleep till Night in Beedle’s Bed. Go back to Strich and complete his Bug Challenge within 3 mins.

[35:51] 19/24 Piece of Heart (Complete the HEART STOPPING Cart Challenge within 65 Seconds at the Shipyard)

[38:10] 20/24 Piece of Heart (Thunder Dragon’s Lightning Round – Defeat 4 Random Bosses in a row in the Lanayru Gorge) Pick Battle then win 4 in a row

[39:19] 21/24 Piece of Heart (Complete the Lumpy Pumpkin Side Quest. Need the Harp to fully complete)
1st Deliver the Hot Pumpkin Soup to Eagus at the Sparring Hall
2nd Carry 5 Pumpkins
3rd Play the Harp for Kina. Follow the Customer movements

[45:30] 22/24 Piece of Heart (Complete the Fixing Fun Fun Island Side Quest) You can find the Party Wheel at Lanayru Desert.
To get the Piece of Heart, You need to pass through five rings without touching a Dodoh Ball and land on a 50-Rupee space.

[51:16] 23/24 Piece of Heart (Turn in 10 Gratitude Crystals to Batreaux) You get Gratitude Crystals from the Side Quests

[52:12] 24/24 Piece of Heart (Complete Fledge’s Workout Side Quest)
1st Buy 2 Stamina Potions then Visit Fledge at Night. After you complete the Side Quest, you’ll unlock his Bow Challenge. You need to score 600 to get the Piece of Heart.


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11 months ago

Thank you very much for making this video it helped me a lot since it was my first time playing skyward sword and I did not know what to do in some parts hope I’m not the only one who had trouble with Bilocyte but you helped me thank you very much