Thu. Aug 31st, 2023

All Vault Locations in The Lost Gods Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC 3. There are 7 Vault of Tartaros to Complete in The Lost Gods DLC. This is part of The Other Other Brother Quest. I will show you How to Complete and where to find the Chest for All Vault Locations.

[00:00] The Lost Gods All Vault Locations
[00:01] Denial of Merope Vault
The Other Other Brother Quest
[02:37] Complaints of Minthe Vault
[07:20] Judges of the Dead Vault
[11:59] Punishment of Asklepios Vault
[14:37] Looking upon Eurydike Vault
[22:44] The Lot of the Mists Vault
[27:09] Memory of Leuke Vault
[30:49] Throne of Lethe Vault


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Colin Michael Tiso
Colin Michael Tiso
2 years ago

why did you not show the location of the vault. this information is useless if you cant find the vault

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