The Lost Gods Extra Bad Monster Locations

All Extra Bad Monster Locations in The Lost Gods Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC 3. You need to Defeat all the Extra Bad Monsters to get 4 Heroic Gifts. This guide will help you work towards Opportunist – Unlock all Heroic Gifts.

[00:01] Extra-Bads #1 (Camouflage)
[00:15] Extra-Bad Chimera Location
[01:26] Extra-Bad Cerberos Location
[02:51] Extra-Bads #2 (Nature’s Fury)
[03:10] Extra-Bad Hekatonchires
[04:13] Extra-Bad Telkhines
[05:10] Extra-Bads #3 (Sprint)
[05:30] Extra-Bad Bear
[06:34] Extra-Bad Brute
[07:08] Super Double Extra Bad to Infinity
Extra-Bad Echidna The Extra Worst (Thunderbolt Arrow)


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