Things You NEED To Know About Nioh 2

Nioh 2 Preview Video Below

Things You Need To Know About In Nioh 2

1. Prequel – This game is Set in the 1500s close to 4 Decades before the Original game. This is before William was born.

2. Character Creation – The character creation system allows players to choose the gender of the character. From there, players are allowed to tweak the character’s eyes, skin color, face type and more. Plus The voice can be changed along with the pitch.

3. New Weapons – There are 2 new weapons. Dual Hatchet which has +1 in Skill and Switchglaives which has +1 in Magic.

4. New Skills & Tree – The skill system has been completely revamped from Nioh. Nioh 2 has skill trees for each of the weapons along with skills to unlock for Ninja, Shiftling, Samurai, and Magic.

5. Soul Cores – Soul Cores hold remnants of a yokai’s power and They are occasionally obtained when defeating yokai. Praying at a shrine will purify any Soul Cores in your possession.

6. Yokai Shift – Players will be able to change their form during combat to gain new and different abilities. There are 3 different types of Yokais to transform into.

7. CO-OP – Nioh 2 will have co-op for up to three players. Co-op sessions will have a greater number of enemies to maintain the balance of difficulty to account for more players.

8. Benevolent Graves – You can now summon an AI version of another player with all of their gear and skills to assist you as a companion. This is a great way to get help for those who need it that don’t have any friends playing the game.

9. Hrs & DLC – The game has about the same amount of missions with a runtime of 55 to 60 hrs depending on skill. There will be 3 DLC’s again


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